By Mike-Alvin Usifo

Zimbabwe once satisfied everyone’s appetite for adventure, safari and romantic holiday then suddenly, everything disappeared—or so it seemed! Not many nations have survived harsh media bashing like Zimbabwe, and the South African nation did pay dearly for it when its economy nosedived. Lucky enough, everything is looking up and Zimbabwe has its tourism—the very first victim of the backlash, to thank for it. The resurging economy of the old Rhodesia—thanks to its adoption of USD as the main means of exchange, has reasonable restored travellers’ confidence, any wonder why safari goers, discerning travelers and adventure seekers can’t wait to pick up their passport and head straight away to see, engage and explore Zimbabwe’s enthralling landscapes.


A trip to Zimbabwe evokes romantic memories. The country is arguably the main highlight of any trip to Africa, its magnificent landscape, dotted by endless stretches of glistening wonders; seamlessly provide succour to any hunger for travel to Africa. Talk about history, culture, cuisines, monuments, natural wonder or vibrant nightlife, you’ll find just about the right answer within Zimbabwe’s varied and picturesque landscapes. In fact, Zimbabwe simply spoils you with far more options than any other destinations can promise.

Facts don’t lie, the UNESCO—impressed by the country’s iconic status, have stamped five of its destinations—Mana Pools, Great Zimbabwe, Kharmi Ruin, Victoria Falls and Matobo Hills, as World Heritage Sites. Even the attractions that are not already so listed are not less impressive; take the Lake Kariba or Hwange National Park for example, no safari goer will ever omit both on their bucket list. While at Hwange National Park you come up close to Africa’s famous big five, Kariba—on the other hand, is a perfect blind for safari and romantic holiday because of its cosy ambience, landscape and wildlife.  Add the above to nature’s bias in favour of Zimbabwe as evidenced by all-year-round nice weather and meandering scenery—not to talk about landmarks such as the majestic Victoria Falls, the awe-inspiring Chinhoyi Cave, Rock Balancing Art and incredible mix of wildlife; and you have more than enough reasons to visit the country during your next holiday. Indeed, Zimbabwe may be landlocked, but nature has comforted her with dramatic landscape and diverse wildlife that make other countries green with envy.


Mike-Alvin Usifo is a former staff of Afro Tourism. This piece was written for the maiden edition of S.E.E. AFRICA magazine in 2016.

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