Located in Southern Africa, Zambia is home of the Victoria Falls, a UNESCO World heritage site and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World – the only one in Africa. The country enjoys a tropical climate – offering a ‘passport’ to sunshine all year round.

With an estimated population of 19.3 million (June 2022 EST.), Zambia is a country at peace with itself and its neighbours with 73 different ethnic tribes all living in harmony. Zambia is divided into 10 regions referred to as provinces, each with an administrative capital. Each province is endowed with natural tourism resources.

Politically, Zambia has been the envy of the world with its thriving democracy characterised by peaceful elections. The smooth and peaceful transition of power from one government to the other has not only made Zambia a role model, but also makes it attractive for foreign investment. With a GDP annual growth rate averaging 5% (2015), Zambia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Zambia is the birthplace of the Great Zambezi River (Kalene Hills), Africa’s fourth largest river, whose 2,700-kilometre journey gives life to the Victoria Falls in Livingstone and Lake Kariba in Siavonga, meandering in a total of 6 countries before forming a delta and releasing into the Indian Ocean.

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