With high mountains, incredible waterfalls, wide hiking space, bubbling wildlife among other attractions, Cameroon has so much to offer, but I still do wonder why I haven’t seen many people indicate interest in visiting the country on holiday. If you add the above to the interesting experience of life on the streets of this football-loving nation, it instantly jumps at you that you have been missing some interesting time in this Central Africa country—I hope you are not one of those who think Cameroon is in West Africa. I understand that information about Cameroon is sparse, but if you intend to visit the country, I have drawn up this Itinerary for a weekend trip to Cameroon as a guide, it should help you enjoy your stay in Cameroon.


Day 1: Arrive in Douala

Doula Airport

If you are coming in by air, the options for arrival are two, Yaoundé or Douala. My pick for entry is Douala while exit is preferably Yaoundé—just so I can experience both cities before leaving the county. Douala is the commercial capital of Cameroon. It is where you get money changed and sort other needs. There are nice restaurants and clubs in the city as well. Outside these, Douala is bereft of many tourist attractions. Well, you may pass the night there, or head to Banhem and reduce the three-day itinerary to two.

de bende route

Day 2: Mount Muanenguba—Ekom Nkam Waterfall

The peak of Mt. Manengouba

From Douala, go to Bangem which is nestled halfway up Mount Muanenguba and its famous Twin Crater Lakes. Bangem is Cameroon’s potential tourism hub. Its rolling hills, lush vegetation and friendly inhabitants make for an unforgettable experience. From Bangem, visit the Mount Muanenguba and the famous Twin Crater Lakes. If time permits, add a visit to the Ekom Nkam Waterfall where some parts of the 1984 classic, Tarzan, was filmed. It is between Melong and Nkongsamba. You can pass the night around here.

Ekom waterfalls


Day 3: Limbe


Spend today at Limbe; a city set on a beautiful bay against the backdrop of a Mount Cameroon and Malabo range. Limbe is popular among tourists because of its chocolate sand beaches. Besides the beach, you can visit the Limbe Wildlife Centre—a great place to see primates (they are behind wire), and the century old Limbe Botanical Garden established by the Germans.

The other coastal town is Kribi, and being there too will mean you’ve completed a beach tour in Cameroon.  Kribi is home to some of Cameroon’s best beaches—with fine sand, crystal clear water and fresh fishes that usually feature on the menu.

From Kribi, zigzag up the coast and you’ll get to Lobe Falls. The fall has been submitted for listing on the World Heritage Site, it is one of the only instances of fresh water entering salt water in the world and home to lots of fresh shrimp.


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