Perfectly sited east of Madagascar, close to the romantic island of Mauritius and somewhere in the belle of the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island—a France foreign territory is a holiday destination that easily beats the average traveller’s imagination. Its location and size make it an easy miss, but anyone who is lucky enough to find it and get there will know it’s one of those places you’ll love to visit again and again.

While the island is not many people’s typical tropical beach or adventure destination; surprising, it is a perfect place to draw up and complete an itinerary featuring these and many other interesting activities on a holiday. Reunion Island has volcanoes, dense rain forest and tropical beaches around which endless activities has been built, any wonder it is a wow place to be on any holiday.

Saint Gilles is a perfect holiday city on the Island. The tropical beach city affords you the opportunity to stay close to the lagoon and wake up to see the beautiful ball of sunrise colouring the sky at dawn. The city’s peaceful beach along the lagoon is a cool spot to dig your feet into the sand and play like kids or simply walkabout, while the lagoon is just perfect if you wish to relax and swim.

An interesting fact about Reunion Island is that UNESCO classifies almost half the territory as a World Heritage Site. The reason is not far-fetched; Reunion Island is rich with plenty of natural attractions that must be preserved for generations yet unborn. Cirque of Mafate is one such site; it has no civilization, just mountains, ravines and rain forest which is why everyone who has been there believes it is a phenomenon, “a piece of nature you don’t find somewhere else!”

To really appreciate the Island, one should see it from the sky. It is an opportunity to see live, (from your helicopter ride) one of the world’s largest volcano erupting; watch the lava shoot up like ribbon into the sky as you hover above, you also get to see many spots—including various mountains and waterfalls on the Island that are accessible only on the feet.

An adventurous way to see Reunion Island is by paragliding. As you levitate, the island’s wonders slowly come to view, from magical glistening waters, volcanic rocks to beautiful greens. It’s definitely going to blow your mind.

If your best way to experiencing a place is by hiking, I bet you’ll have enough trail for a lifetime on this Island. In Reunion Island, hiking makes you feel like you are swimming in a place where time has been frozen. The beauty is that the hiking trails unveil more splendid sites.

One can go on and on about what nature hides here!

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