Capture your memories-

My travels have always got the best of me by my forgetfulness when it comes to technology, travelling is something that stimulates you and gives you the best memories, yet without a camera or cell phone that can take pictures or a diary to write in, those memories can quickly become dull and you may forget aspects of your trip. My tip for all you intrepid travelers out there is that ALWAYS try to bring one of the above mentioned items on a trip, pack extra memory cards if it’s a camera or cell phone because you want to take as many pictures and videos as you can so you can show everyone back home how it went.

Though people say being on your phone or on technology can take away time from a trip, it also can give you everlasting memories by capturing those amazing photos that you will look at for years to come. Nature, City life, local people, culture, activities and architecture can be caught on camera and in a diary if you choose to write about your experiences. Always remember that your camera is your best friend during travels.


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