Whether you are traveling just few miles from home, or far away by road, train or air; even if you are planning to spend a night, days, weeks or months, you may always find it difficult to pack lightly or stir away from trouble. Below are interesting facts and tips you will find highly helpful before you embark on your journey or while away.



After planning your trip – booking your ticket/bus, hotel room, and picking a date, it is now time to pack. It is no story that nine out of ten ladies find it difficult to travel light – packing only the relevant and necessary things. You find yourself picking extra wears, shoes, accessories and things you may not even touch till you return from your journey, this only adds to your baggage, slows your movement and may get you additional charges if you are traveling by air.


Go with trolley bags to avoid dragging and pulling. Make sure you fold clothes and arrange all items neatly on the bed before you finally pack them into your bag, if you don’t, you may need to keep scattering the bag to check if you already have some items packed.

While packing you need to always think size and needs. Is this too big? Will this consume a lot of space? Is this really relevant?

So what should you have in your luggage?

  • Clothes


As a lady, it is understandable that you are highly fashionable and you would love to have your new and really good-looking clothes with you, but as tough as it may be, you will need to pick clothes that will not easily rumple and you can match easily with other wears. Putting a pair of jeans or two in your luggage is always a great idea, as you can match it up with several tops. Also make sure you know about the weather condition of where you are going so you do not pack clothes that won’t fit the weather. Do a little research about how ladies over there dress, as some dress sense may not be acceptable.

  • Shoes


Your 5 inches stilettos and the good looking wedge you cannot walk in for more than 3 minutes without yearning to throw them off – these are shoes you should really do away with. Pick shoes you are very comfortable with and won’t give blisters. Even if you are going on a business trip and you need to look formal, go for a shoe with moderate heels. If going for a pleasure trip, slippers, sandals, flat and comfy shoes are great picks.


  • Jewelries


Depending on where you are going, it is best to leave your very expensive or flashy jewelries at home – you don’t want to get robbed. Also, you probably know you should not go with your jewelry box either, so pick some simple jewelry.

  • Make up/Fragrance


If you have a large make up kit or tools, you should pick out a small temporary make up purse that will fit your powder, lipstick, blush, mascara, eye pencil, and other necessary petty make up tools. Stick with at most two compact fragrances.

  • Gadgets/Electronics


You have a laptop, a smart phone, and a tablet, which ones should you pick? A laptop and a smart phone will definitely be a wise choice if you are going on a business trip while a tablet and smart phone will be a great choice for a leisure trip. Your smart phone can help you a lot – for instance with a map to easily find your way around. You shouldn’t also forget your chargers and probably a power bank if you are going to be out most of the time. A portable flashlight and camera is also a good idea.

  • Toiletries


Necessary toiletries include – quick dry small sized towel, soap, body cream, tissue, toothpaste, brush, hand sanitizer and a collapsible umbrella.




  • Meeting Men/Accepting invitations


So while away, you bump into this really nice looking guy, you lock stares a couple of times and he walks over to ask you out to lunch, dinner or a party. Though everything within you may want to scream yes, you should be smart here. Request an open meeting place if you want to accept his invitation, somewhere close to where you are lodging or staying. Remember not all that glitters is gold, so be wise and play safe.

  • Partying


Be mindful of parties or clubs you visit, watch what you eat or drink, be alert and leave immediately there are any signs of trouble/danger. Politely refuse anyone who makes advances at you, if the person is finding it very difficult to get off your back and starts acting aggressive or in a manner you are not comfortable with, call for help or leave.

  • Dressing


Be modest in your dressing; wear the right clothes to the right places, so as to avoid stares (except you are comfortably with it) from passersby. Dress the way you want to be addressed.

Remember to travel light by packing only necessary items and take precautions – avoid lonely paths, roads and dark areas, follow your instincts, it saves you a lot of headache.

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