After celebrating Christmas, the whole world turns its attention to ushering in the New Year. You should make your new year’s eve a memorable day as you craft those New Year resolutions and ponder on what the aging year has brought forth. There is no better place to be than Africa. This wonderful continent comes with diverse cultural experiences and a warm climate during this time of year making it the place to be. There is an assortment of top destinations in Africa to be in this New Year’s eve.


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Want something new and unique for your New Year’s? Morocco is the place to be.  There are companies that organize tours in the desert. Travellers get to spend the night in a memorable way. You can spend the night at an oasis or you can choose to stay in an ancient city that goes by the name Ourzazate. Then you can venture deeper into the Sahara and get to experience REAL-LIFE first-hand nomadic lifestyle. Talk of new experiences! If you don’t fancy joining the caravan in the adventurous ways you can still just enjoy the desert at night. For those who love adventures, this is the place to be. As the midnight approaches, you can join in on the bonfire and native dance routines as the cold desert air quickly morph into a spectacular carnival.


Cape Town, South Africa

New Years Eve in Cape town

This metropolitan city is a beehive of fun activity during New Year’s celebration. Endowed with people from diverse cultural origins, the city is a great place to be when these diverse cultures mash-up to serve up a memorable New Year. The city of Cape Town hosts a carnival that attracts approximately 100,000 locals and tourists. The carnival lives up to its hype by offering great music, food and dance all night long. The city is not all about the carnival, there are many other places to be on this epic night. There are numerous outdoor concerts, fireworks displays and many fine restaurants to cater for those who don’t attend the carnival.  For those who want it mellow, the harbour area is ideal for them to just grab a drink and witness great African cultural dances. As midnight approaches, nightclubs and jazz bars open their doors to those who want to just party all night long.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

This country has much documented about it but what is often left out is the fantastic and serene atmosphere during New Year’s. There are marvellous sites in the shape of the Zambezi River, the magnificent Victoria Falls and the Jameson Vic Falls Carnival. The Vic Falls Festival is a unique kind of festival offering good music, drinks and dancing at its cool venue called the steam train. The Zambezi River offers a lot more than its great Victoria Falls and massive Hydroelectric Project. It is ideal for fun activities from bungee jumping and white water rafting to having selfies near the Devil’s Pool for those yearning for adrenaline. You get to sample fine African music from some of Africa’s best artistes. Zimbabwe is a place to consider when making your New Year plans.


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Maputo, Mozambique

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Maputo is a great city close to the ocean. If you have grown tired of the screaming and deafening music and want something new, there is a serenity and tranquility about it making it a great place for you to be at as you usher in the New Year. Before the ruckus experienced as midnight passes, you can delve into the carefree and spectacular natural scenes in the Inhaca Island. The beaches there are heavenly and the island has its fair share of wildlife for you to savor. As night time approaches, you can go back to the mainland where the party slowly brews as midnight approaches. The city comes alive with sparkling lights, street parties and fireworks displays at the stroke of midnight ushering in the New Year. The party does not end there; you can turn it up a notch by spending the rest of the night in the many nightclubs, most notably the Coconuts, a hotspot for ravers. There are world class hotels right in the thick of everything where you can sleep once you have had enough of the brouhaha.

New Year in Maputo



Nairobi, Kenya

New Year in Nairobi, Kenya

The nickname “Green City in the Sun” hardly describes the magnificence and spectacular beauty of Kenya’s capital. Famous for having a game reserve within its environs, Nairobi offers a one off destination for your New Year’s Eve plans. The park offers a great safari experience coupled with the safari walk through its orphanage. You can visit the Lake Nakuru national park nearby and witness the breathtaking sight of millions of flamingoes in the lake and hundreds of other species of birds and reptiles. You also get to experience traditional Maasai dances and local cuisines. You can experience all this in one day due to the close proximity to the City.

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