When it comes to having a holiday where you’d feel perfectly at home though you are miles away from your house, head to Cape Verde. This nation of 10 Islands, often described as African Caribbean, offers some interesting sites for hiking and beach holiday. In this piece, we present two hiking spots and some of Cape Verde beaches:

Pico do Fogo

The Island of Fogo is most well-known for its stand-out centrepiece, Pico do Fogo. The 2829m/9382 foot-tall active Volcano towers above an ancient crater of Chã das Caldeiras that is inside caldera which is itself near the peak of the mountain. The mountain’s slopes are used to grow coffee, while its lava is used as building material. The Island itself is more an eclectic assortment of vineyards filled with plump purple grapes and lava blockhouses.

Pico do Fogo is still an active volcano and last erupted in 2015. The volcano’s cone remains intact and can still be climbed with a good pair of boots to guard against the slippery cinders covering the slopes. Hike to its peak and Pico do Fogo’s will offer you a magnificent view of the Island.

Mount Gordo

Sao Nicolau Island is best-known for the hiking trails at Mount Gordo. The Mountain is of volcanic origin. At 1,312 m elevation, it is the island’s highest point. It forms part of a natural park, which was created to protect the typical humid mountain ecosystem. Plant species found on the mountain slopes include Euphorbia tuckeyana and the endangered Nauplius smithii. After hiking this mountain, ensure you break the rule by exploring the unexplored beaches on this island, getting the help of a local tour guide would make the visit fulfilling.



Cape Verde islands are a beach lover’s paradise! Anyone seeking a perfect beach holiday should head to this archipelago. Some of the world’s most beautiful beaches are located on the islands of Sal—Sal Island is actually the place to go for white sandy beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see; and Boa Vista, there are nice beaches as well on the other Islands. Visit some of these beaches and you’d be greeted by sand, sometimes white, sometimes fierce and golden that stretches for miles. In some, you’d feel like you own the beach to yourself as the beach has not lost its charm to a throng of tourists. The turquoise ocean and the cooling sea breeze will definitely make relaxing there a dream come true. Here are some of the best of Cape Verde beaches:

Boa Vista Beaches

Located in the easternmost part of Cape Verde, Boa Vista is aptly named, “Beautiful View.” Its beaches answers why it is so named. Deserts of sand and sea welcome visitors to the more than 55 kilometres of beaches on this Island. These beaches are complemented by weather that’s perfect for any water sport.

Praia do Estoril

Praia do Estoril, located in Sal Rei, the capital of Boa Vista, is about the best beach on the island for swimming. This kilometre long beach on the south side of town is completely protected against wind, making any trip into the water smooth and comfortable.

Curralinho Beach

With eleven miles of white sand and spectacular turquoise waters, the Curralinho beach is the longest beach in Cape Verde and is a perfect spot for those looking to spend a few hours in a secluded locale.

Santa Monica Beach

With 35 miles of white beaches and emerald-green water, you will not struggle to find a spot to set down your towel on this island. Santa Monica beach, with its never-ending series of golden bays, is probably the best of the best beach on this island.

Praia de Chaves Beach

Looking for scenic beaches where you could have an excellent view of the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful Sal-Rei and Monte de Santo Antonio mountains, then you have just found one. The six-mile Praia de Chaves beach which is home to some of the finest local resorts in Cape Verde covers the entire western coastline of Boa Vista and offers a vantage point to see it all beyond the beautiful Island as far as your eyes can travel.


Other Sao Vincente Island Beaches


This island has some long stretches of nice Sandy beaches which treat tourists to interesting times, offering activities ranging from swimming and surfing to windsurfing. The Calhau area precisely in the Island’s southeastern part has an excellent sandy beach that is famous for its surf breaks, which was included in the European professional circuit in 1997 and still frequented by the surf-loving crowd.

Praia de Laginha

For a nice beach that is safe for swimming, I bet anyone that has been to this beach will easily recommend it. Located near the Mindelo port on Sao Vincente, Laginha Beach is just perfect for a Cape Verde beach holiday. This beach gets crowded on weekends though as many people frequent it to relax and swim.

Santa Maria Beach on Sal

Famous for its salt mine, Sal is the most visited island in Cape Verde. Its world-famous salt mine is a mecca of a sort to tourists, many of whom flock to the island to trek through it and float in the dense and warm volcanic water.

Sal’s Santa Maria beach is where big wave surfers come, from all over the world, to take advantage of its perfect conditions. There are also plenty of diving sites, with diverse marine life swimming around, and quaint old town minutes from the beach.

Tarrafal beach on Sao Nicolau Island

This beach has uniquely enchanting black-sand. This black sand is believed to have therapeutic properties thanks to its high iodine and titanium content. Locals suffering from arthritis apply a mixture of this black sand and seaweed to ease the pain, while tourists bury themselves in the sands to alleviate fatigue.

Tarrafal beach, which is by the main fishing harbour of Sao Nicolau Island, also offers the best spot in Cape Verde to catch tuna, blue marlin, wahoo, and swordfish.

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