By Charles Ebert

It might take awhile, but when countries around the world eventually open up and economies race back to their pre-covid-19 era, going on holiday will require careful budgeting. In this piece, Charles Ebert share ideas on how to travel on a budget after the coronavirus.


Do you ever think about travelling and shiver? You think you cannot afford it, right? Well, the good news is, you can always stretch your dollar and travel around. The reasons for travelling may vary from studying abroad to having an adventure. Either way, you will need to learn some tips that will help you save during the trip and enjoy. We know that you might not have deep pockets, especially if you are a student, so here are some of the tips that will help you when travelling on a budget:

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Before travelling, get a list of the things that you will consider in order to select a preferred destination. Get another list of the destinations you plan to visit. List the destinations from the cheapest to the most expensive then select the one with the best rates. Also, get the one with accommodation near your place of interest. It would do you good if you find out the official health advice regarding the destination, and the culture of the host community as well as the rules and regulations in the city.

If you don’t have a Specific Destination, go to Southern Africa or Eastern Europe

It’s not what most people say, but considering the exchange rate, Africa is a cheaper place to visit – especially Southern Africa, which has the added advantage of quite modern facilities in countries like South Africa and Botswana, good weather and relatively affordable experience and a variety of holiday packages.

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The alternative may be Eastern Europe which, according to a study done in 2017, was found to be the cheapest destinations in Europe. Countries like Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia are among the most affordable destinations to visit and explore. They have a lot to offer which include, beaches, old towns which have ingenious architecture designs and there are many mosques which hold the history of the country. In a country like Bulgaria, you are likely to spend $25 in a day which includes transportation, meals, accommodation and entertainment, unlike Madrid where you will spend $60.

Copy the Locals

Ever heard of the saying, ‘when you go to Rome do as the Romans do’? This applies to you as well. For you to save on food and booze, find bars that locals frequent. The charges are always lower compared to those that are filled with foreigners.

If you intend to shop, avoid the areas designated for tourists and instead, shop at the local markets. Buy some wine and some world-class food, then eat at the park. This is less expensive compared to eating in a restaurant.

Take the Cheapest Travel Method

If you intend to fly, go for one of the cheapest airlines like EasyJet and Ryan air and more on Afrodeals. Buy second class tickets for the train. It’s also relatively comfortable and tends to be 50% less expensive. You are advised to buy the tickets at the train station or on their official website. Avoid taking a cab and instead, take the bus. It might be slower, but it’s cost-effective.

Work for Accommodation

There are several organizations which offer the chance for you to volunteer and work in exchange for accommodation. In some instances, they also offer food. These organizations include Workaway and Help x; they pick visitors who offer basic chores and get accommodated in return. There is another organization that looks for workers who are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. It is known as WWOOF.

Get a Student Discount Card

This card gives you a chance to enjoy discounts on sites entrances, accommodation among others. It is internationally recognized. Thus you can use it in over 130 countries amounting to over €150,000 in discounts.

Travel in Groups

Most travel agencies and tourist attraction sites offer discounts for group travel. You will also get to share your room with a friend or two thus spending less. Travelling with friends is also safer and more fun. Friends may also have relatives or other contacts living around the area you intend to visit who may host you, thus saving accommodation cost.

Get a Student-Focused Travel Agency

Afro Tourism is one of the few companies that offers budget-friendly holiday packages for students in Africa. Outside Africa, STA, for example, is the most famous agency where students who look forward to getting the cheapest rail pass and flights go to. There are other agencies around the world which include, Topdeck and Indigo tours. These agencies will definitely offer the best rates and they also advise on the best hotels and destinations.

Source for Internship and Volunteer Chances Abroad

If you’re really looking forward to travelling, but money is a problem, try getting an internship abroad. Your students’ office will let you know of a country you can visit and help you fill out the application forms. This will be your chance to travel.

Volunteering also helps you travel around the world for free. For those who are interested in humanitarian service, this is your chance. Apply to volunteer, and you never know, you might spend your summer holiday somewhere in Africa for free.

Travel During Off-Peak Season

When you travel between October and April, you will definitely save more. It might not be as warm as the summer season, but the price is incredibly low. The only places that you will not get to visit much are the beaches, but then again, there is much more to enjoy. Most destinations are also less crowded, so you and your friends will have a great time staying at nice hotels and paying almost 30% less. Isn’t that amazing?


The cost should not be your excuse for not travelling, not with the variety of tips that we’ve just laid out for you. If you are really interested in travelling, remember not to pack the whole house. Just carry what you need. Excessive luggage will not only be an unnecessary burden for you carrying it around, but it will also bring about additional costs.


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