Nigeria, a country with over 200 million population not only blessed with ethnic diversity, culture and rich life but also a home for some of the best tourist sites you can find in the world.

Whether you are taking a romantic trip with that special one or you are just looking for the best places to explore, then Nigeria should be included in your lists of destinations. And to cut down the stress of spending hours researching and not finding the best  places to visit, I’ve put together a lists of some of the best tourist sites you can visit in Nigeria that will get you fascinated and  help you appreciate the beauty of the universe.

Although, there are lots of tourist sites in Nigeria but these 10 are exceptional for me and anyone that may have visited any of the sites. And trust me, this is not an over-hype and you’ll get to experience that yourself on your visit to these sites. Let’s keep it going…

  1. Tinapa free Zone & Resort:At #10 is Tinapa Free Zone & Resort. located in Cross River State, south-south Nigeria. A trip to Tinapa resort leaves you with long-term memories due to its breath-taking architectural designs, and houses almost everything if not all that a tourist looks out for when considering taking the trip to experience his/her best moment. It houses a food court with take-away outlets, a 3000 capacity parking space for cars, a wave pool, water slides and children’s pool and play area to catch the moment.

And I thought that it will be an injustice for me not to include this beautiful place in my top 10 tourist places to visit in Nigeria.

With a stable power supply system and a first-class ICT infrastructure as well as top security, you experience paradise on earth by visiting Tinapa resort.

As they said, seeing is believing and it’s my hope that you will take a trip to Tinapa Resort when planning your next vacation to experience the electrifying atmosphere in this area.

Tinapa Resort calabar


  1. Olumo Rock: I was 15 Years old when my eldest sibling who happens to attend Navy secondary school Abeoukuta, Ogun state was sharing his ‘Olumo rock experience’ after his school took him there for an excursion. Isn’t just a rock you may ask? well, Olumo rock is more than a rock trust me.

What makes Olumo rock so unique is the historical fact surrounding this massive outcrop of granite rocks of primitive formation.  The rock is an historical monument which served as shelter and fortress for the Egba people who at 1830 had settled under the rock during the intercity wars.

And like Manchester united football club fondly refer to it stadium – the theater of dream, the Olumo rock isn’t only the theatre of dream for Egba people but for the visitors alike. The rock is a monument of faith, unity, and source of strength for the Egba people. You can include that in your bucket list when considering the next tourist site to visit in Nigeria.

Olumo Rock Cr.

  1. Lekki Conservation Centre: Located at the heart of Lekki-epe express way Lagos. The conservation center is not only visited by Lagosian but also a home for foreign tourists and the neighboring states. According to Nigeria Conservation Foundation The Lekki conservation centers the only vibrant protected area in Lagos State and one of the very few vibrant tourist destinations of repute in Lagos and has thus been recognized as one of the notable Sites/Monuments of special interest and exceptional relevance by the Lagos State Government under the LISTED SITES for the preservation, protection and restoration of historical properties and cultural heritage in Lagos State and for connected purposes.

Lagos is known to associate with lots of stress so take out  some time to catch some beautiful moment in LCC and relieve yourself off stress.

Lekki Conservation Centre


  1. Yankari Game Reserve: Located in Bauchi State, in northeastern Nigeria. Yankari Game Reserve is a large wildlife park.  It covers an area of about 2,244 square kilometers (866 sq. mi) and is home to the remaining Elephants and Lions in Nigeria. If you ever wonder where on the planet to watch wildlife in its natural habitat then your bet shouldn’t be any other than a visit to Yankari Game Reserve.

And the fact that it is under the management of Bauchi State Government, as such you can count that Yankari Game Reserve has the financial backing and the structure to give you the best experience on your visit to the park. Apart from watching elephants and other wilds, you also find some of the best places for relaxation here with a luxury suite, museum, and historical attraction and many others for the best experience.


yankari safari

  1. Agbokim Waterfall: Apart from the many indigenous languages in Cross River State, the state is also known to be endowed with many natural spring waters, and Agbokim waterfall happened to be one of them. Situated some 17 kilometres from Ikom, not far from the Nigeria-Cameroon border, Agbokim Waterfalls which consists of seven streams, each cascading over a steep cliff which provides seven-faced falls on view.

A visit to this captivating site especially  during the raining season can erase the experience of your favorite movie.

Agbokim waterfalls



  1. Nigeria National Museum: The museum houses some of the best collections of Nigerian art, including pieces of statuary and carvings and archaeological and ethnographic exhibits. Located in the heart of Lagos, the museum aims to preserve and promote Nigeria’s rich heritage to the world.


The great thing I like about visiting places such as museums is that it gives me the opportunity to appreciate the work of art and the engineers behind these crafts. Sometimes I go with my diary to jot and ask some questions as most of the art work connects culture and diversity of the people. Tour the building and you will find some reason to appreciate the work of art and nature.

National Museum Lagos

4 Gurara Waterfalls: Situated in northern Nigeria in Niger State. History has it that the Gurara Waterfalls was named after two deities ‘Gura and Rara which were believed to be worshiped by the Gwari people. Standing at about 30 meters in height and a gushing width of about 200 meters, the waterfall is one of the major tourist sites in Niger states.  Make sure you check out this beautiful waterfall when visiting Niger state and share your experience with us.

Gurara Waterfall

  1. Jos Plateau:A friend was sharing his experience after visiting Jos during the harmattan season on how the water he fetched inside a bucket got frozen within some minutes of exposure to the cold weather. Jos Plateau was formed as a result of volcanic eruption which left this region at a very high altitude and birthed many surrounding rivers in the region. You need to visit Jos and come and share your experience with us.


2. Ibeno Beach: Located at Akwa Ibom State, southern Nigeria. Ibeno beach was coined from its location “ Ibeno” . The fact that this beach stretches to the Atlantic Ocean also made the white sand beach the longest in West Africa. And Ibeno Beach finds its way to my top 10 places to visit in Nigeria.


  1.   Ogbudu Cattle Ranch: Your tourism visit to Nigeria is incomplete without the Obudu Cattle Ranch. Considered as one of the best tourist sites in Nigeria, Obudu Cattle Ranch is located in Cross River State with a well-structured facilities for tourists to catch the best experience on this Spectacular hill. And now I’m beginning to guess that this beautiful place ‘the Obudu Cattle ranch’ is what birthed the State slogan as “the people’s paradise” that may be another story for another day.

Life is easy for those who don’t want to stress themselves especially one that involved climbing mountains or driving through a winding hill. And so there is a cable car to convey you from one point to another within the hill for those that can’t drive the famously winding 11km from the bottom of the hill. You really need to visit Obudu Cattle Ranch

Obudu Mountain Resort Img

Now that you have all this information in your finger-tips I believe navigating through the numerous sites in Nigeria will be now easier.


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Again remember to share your experience with us whenever you visit any of these sites.


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