“The Mercy of the Jungle”, a movie directed by Rwandan filmmaker Joel Karekezi won the highest award at the the Pan-African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (Fespaco) on Saturday in Burkina Faso.

The movie shows the arduous road trip by foot of two soldiers lost in the jungle during the wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It defeated 19 other contenders to win the Golden Stallion of Yennenga.

Marc Zinga, a Belgian, also took best actor for his role in “The Mercy of the Jungle.”

The second prize went to “Karma”, a drama by Egyptian director Khaled Youssef, while third place was awarded to Tunisian Ben Hohmound, who directed “Fatwa”, another drama.

Other winners at the FESPACO 2019 are:

African Cinema Awards:

Second prize: “The retirement home” by Ismaël Césaire Kafando (ISISI-SE of Burkina Faso).

First prize: “Misunderstood” by Jaures Koukpemedji (ISMA of Benin).

Animation Film :

Jury Prize: “Da tsysy da” by Tojo Niaina Rajaofera (Madagascar).

Second prize animation film: “A Kalabanda ate my homework” by Raymond Malinga (Uganda).

First prize animated film: “Briska” by Nadia Rais (Tunisia).

African TV series supported by Canal +:

Second prize: “Blog” by Melyou Akré Loba Diby (Ivory Coast).

First Prize: “Little Stories, Great Truths” by Ambrose Cooke (Ghana).

Documentary short film:

Bronze foal: “Tata Milouda” by Nadja Harek (Algeria / France).

Silver foal: “Thus spoke Felix” of Nantenaina Lova (Madagascar).

Gold foal: “Against all odds” by Chartity Resian Nampaso and Andrea Ianetta (Kenya / Italy).

Feature documentary:

Robeson Prize for the first documentary work of the diaspora: “My friend Fela” by Joel Zito Araujo (Brazil).

Bronze stallion: “Whispering truth to power” by Shameela Seedat (South Africa).

Silver stallion: “At the time when the Arabs were dancing” by Jawad Rhalib (Morocco).

Gold standard: “The Golden Wolf of Balolé” by Aïcha Boro Leterrier (Burkina Faso).

Short film fiction

Bronze foal: “An air of Kora” by Angèle Diabang (Senegal).

Silver foal: “A place in the plane” of Khadidiatou Sow (Senegal).

Golden foal: “Black Mamba” by Armel Guellaty (Tunisia).

Feature film fiction:

Oumarou Ganda Prize: “Until the end of time” by Yasmine Chouikh (Algeria).

Best editing: “Mabata bata” by Joan Luis Sol of Carvalho (Mozambique).

Best decor: “Desrances” by Apolline Traoré (Burkina Faso).

Best Music: “Sew the winter to my sky” by Jahmil Qubeka (South Africa).

Best sound: “Karma” by Khaled Youssef (Egyspte).

Best Picture: “Mabata bata” by Joan Luis Sol of Carvalho (Mozambique).

Second best scenario: “Kétéké” by Peter Sedufia (Ghana).

First best scenario: “Look at me” by Nejib Belkadhi (Tunisia).

Award for best female Artress: Samantha Mugotsia in “Rafiki” by Ranuri Kahiu (Kenya).

Award for Best Male Artist: Marc Zinga in Joel Karekezi’s “The Mercy of the Jungle” (Rwanda).

Feature film fiction:

Bronze stallion: “Fatwa” by Majmoud Ben Mahmoud (Tunisia).

Silver standard: “Karma” by Khaled Youssef (Egypt).

Yennenga’s gold standard: “The mercy of the jungle” by Joel Karekezi (Rwanda).


Note: The About list of Award winners is produce in English Language via a machine translation from French

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