New Year in South Africa is celebrated according to the Georgian calendar on its first date of January 1st. The energy, dynamism, and bold colors are used during the season of New Year, and especially on New Years Eve, this makes South Africa the perfect place for observing New Year festivities.

South Africa has huge stage festivals and parties amid New Year’s Eve. South Africa is a perfect destination for everyone who wishes to be a part of an extraordinary and unforgettable celebration of New Year eve. Daytime is generally spent preparing with family, companions, and relatives. Additionally, a large portion of the general population keeps their New Year’s Eve reserved for celebrating with their loved ones. In this country large and small scale celebrations of New Year eve occur every where.

Magnificent New Year

A large portion of the South African population parties throughout the night, ending in the early morning hours of the New Year’s Day. South African citizens like to party hard because New Years Eve offers them the tremendous relief from the strict and hectic life. Along these lines other people such as tourists also appear to take advantage of it, and all of the nation parties like there is no tomorrow. Extravagant dinners and loads of music, dances, and cheer all around is one characteristic of New Year’s Eve celebration in South Africa. The dishes served during banquets or ordinary meals on New Year’s Eve mirror the blend of the tradition and the season of the South African festivities.

Church bell chimes at the stroke of midnight to officially declare the start of New Year. Upon hearing the bells, everyone cheers and celebrate the New Year with excitement and energy. A portion of the general population also celebrates by throwing refrigerator from their balconies and others fire gunshots. In any case, in the present time, these traditions of firing a shot and tossing of fridges have decreased, because these things can present danger to many people.

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The greatest and the most magnificent celebrations occur in places like Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town. All of these extravagant and loud parties have wonderful music, extraordinary dancing, dining, drinking, and splendid fireworks that will amaze you. But the specialty of South African celebration is their music parties because events like, Kirstenbosch Gardens New Years Eve Concert and Rezonance New Years Eve Festival, organized in Cape Town have their own importance and identity that you don’t find anywhere else.

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The yearly event of Cape Town Minstrel Carnival that is organized on New Year’s Eve is said to be a spectacular event of the whole country. Its history dates back to the nineteenth century. This carnival has a slave culture history. In the past it was custom or tradition for slaves to be given holidays for new year’s day to celebrate in their own way, thus prompting a New Year celebration in a modern way. And Cape Town is a famous place for these modern New Year festivities.

Arrangements for the Cape Carnival begin well ahead of time, with minstrel troupes rehearsing songs, dance steps and parades for a considerable length of time. There are a lot of costume parades in which there are usually bold silk fabric, ties, umbrellas and hats.

Throughout the years, these minstrels, with their rich mix of music and exhibition, were assembled into ‘klopse’, or clubs. Where a large crowd would cheer for them, because of this they have started a custom of parading through the city to a nearby stadium where the annual competition is held.

Today, up to 10 000 banjo-strumming minstrels take to the streets of District Six, twisting through the local business region of Cape Town on their approach to Green Point Stadium (albeit every year there may be some variation of routes).

With troupe names like ‘Cape Flats Minstrels’, ‘Boundless Community Entertainers’ and ‘Fantastic Youth Development’, the festival has turned into an image and festivity of life in the Cape, and also a fun approach to welcome in the New Year.

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In the province of KwaZulu Natal – in Durban specifically, beautiful and splendid beaches abound as well known and popular places during this time of the year. As the matter of fact, these beaches are popular all year round but during the New Year holidays they get filled to their maximum capacity. The evening parties are done on the beaches, and in the night clubs or bars that are near the beaches. This offers a perfect way to say goodbye to this last Year. Without a doubt, South Africa is the place to give a huge welcome to the upcoming year of 2016.

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