You’re here because you want a simple guide on what to do to make this weekend amazing. I won’t bore you with a long list of irrelevant stuff that doesn’t add up. I’m going tell you sure-fire fun things to do this weekend – some of which I do myself, I’ll also show you some of their pros and cons and hope that by the time you finish reading this post, you’d have picked what’s best for you. Remember that Covid-19 related rules might affect your choice, so balance this recommendation with relevant health and safety rules in your locality. Without much ado, let’s get started.

1. Relax at home and enjoy some luxury

After a long week, everyone deserves a restful weekend. If that’s what you want this weekend, here is a trick: unplug from social media and smartphone and enjoy yourself indoors. Constant connection to the internet drains energy and time, so much so that the weekend will run out and you’ll still be feeling exhausted.

Instead, read a book. It’ll shock you how relaxing it is to become immersed in literature. Books help the mind to escape the stress and sharpens the brain and one’s intelligence. You can add some time for yoga and then sleep. Yes, sleep! There is nothing more relaxing than curling up in a blanket, oblivious of the troubles of this world.

Cons: repeating this frequently can be monotonous and boring, which in itself is exhausting.

2. Fire up the Grills

This is another way to spend the weekend if you don’t want to go out. Revive the classic tradition by inviting friends and loved ones over for a meal. The easier way is to prepare barbeque, get enough drink to complement it and have the TV turned to a channel showing something that is of common interest to everyone – e.g. a live football match, fashion show, etc. This is a great way to drop off the stress of life and bond together with your friends and loved ones.
Alternatively, try being a foodie by getting some recipe book and prepare some meals you haven’t tried before. Click here for ideas on different African dishes that you can try.

Cons: This will cost you a few cash, and the size of your apartment may determine its appropriateness.

3. Try staycation

A weekend staycation can be a fun way to better know your city. I am sure there are a few interesting places: like a museum, hiking trails, amusement parks, arcades game centres, zoos, etc., in your city that you have never been. This weekend might just be a perfect time to check them out. Pretend you’re a tourist in your own city and treat yourself to a good time discovering more about your little piece of paradise and taking loads of pictures. Click here for my staycation experience.

Cons: Some interesting locations might be closed during weekends while some may require a pass.

4. Get on a road trip

It’ll amaze you how a nice drive can clear your mind, especially if walking and hiking are not your things – just make sure you don’t drive anywhere near your office. This was how I got to explore a number of neighbouring cities – you should try it too. To really enjoy this, pack your favourite tunes and snacks, and hit the road to a nearby city, a countryside or shoreline that is a driving distance from home – better if you go with friends, family members or loved ones. Take in the scenery as you drive and look out for that local ice cream parlour where you can stop and mix with locals.

Click here to read one of my road trips.

5. Go on Daycation

You can take a trip with your friends to a resort and enjoy some of the activities and experience they provide. On my last daycation some weekends ago, I had great fun riding quad biking, kayaking, go-carting and doing much other fun stuff (check it out here). Daycations do not cost a lot since accommodation is not involved.

You can plan one or join one put together by Afro Tourism, click here to join.

6. Hit the beach or try water activities (Boat Cruise)

If you are lucky to have a nice beach around you, this could be your playground/rest point this weekend. Plenty of activities can be planned around the beach – for me, I usually go for a boat cruise. I’ll recommend a sunset cruise, so you’ll have the chance to take in the beautiful scenery, and watch the sun slip below the horizon. You can cap it with a candle-lit dinner.

Check out my day at Lake Kariba here

7. Binge on movies

If you love to watch movies, you can spend the weekend at a cinema watching the latest movies. Alternatively, log in to Netflix or Hulu or other similar service providers and discover new TV shows that meet your entertainment needs. Get a pop-corn close by or curl up under the covers and watch a whole movie series this weekend – if that does it for you.

8. Go to a party

This can be as simple as a get-together, or as big as a wedding party – most Africans love buzzy parties. If there is none of these going on around you, you can consider going to a nightclub or spending time with friends at the bar, catching up and sipping a chill drink. Remember that Covid-19 rules might make this impossible in your area, check the rules, and prioritize your safety.

9. Go to the stadium and watch live matches

Oops! this would have been perfect for a sports fan, but the Covids-19 restrictions have made it impossible in many places. If your location permits, I guess you might want to try it this weekend, It is a great opportunity to unwind…but remember to prioritize your safety.

10. Get involved in Volunteering Activities

There is a part of us that feels good when we help others or achieve a charitable cause. Give yourself that good feeling this weekend by volunteering to help in a cause that helps others such as: organizing a community blood drive, teaching children or senior citizens computer skills, put together a car wash and donate profits to charity, help deliver meals and gifts to patients at a local hospital, update the signs along a nature trail, participate in the cleanup of a local river, pond, or lake, etc.


Stay healthy as you enjoy your weekend.


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Do you have any other ideas about things to do this weekend that you’ll like to share, kindly drop it in the comment section below?


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