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If you are interested in travelling to sustainable and eco-friendly destinations this spring, you might be happy to hear that there are plenty of such places in Europe. Not only some of its major cities are ramping up their eco-initiatives, but things are changing in smaller regions where there are now many options for eco-conscious travellers. With tour companies that try to offer environmentally friendly options, eco-accommodations or bustling farmers’ markets, Europe is welcoming all kinds of travellers who care about the environment.

Algarve, Portugal

Benagil Sea Cave

If you want to visit a romantic country, where you can enjoy relaxing beaches, busy cities, delicious foods and tasty wines, Portugal is the best choice. While Lisbon is a fantastic destination for culture aficionados, for those of you who want a memorable escape far from all the groups of tourists and in a place that is developing its ecotourism, Algarve is the perfect Portuguese spot.

Ponta de Piedade

Not only will you have the chance to unwind on some of the best beaches in Europe, admire breathtaking landscapes, and spend time in the middle of beautiful nature, but you can also get closer to the friendly locals and find out more about their way of living. And never say no to a delicious Portuguese dish, especially if it’s made with locally grown products. It will be difficult to forget that taste!

Some of the things you must see while in Algarve are Ponta de Piedade and Cape St. Vincent, Ria Formosa National Park, as well as Tavira and Lagos.


The Canary Islands, Spain

The Canary Islands are located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and they are welcoming all travellers who want to relax in a sustainable and eco-friendly Spanish paradise. One of its most beautiful islands, Tenerife, is already famous for its eco-friendly village, but all the Canary Islands offer environmental-friendly options to their visitors.

With green tour companies and accommodations, local restaurants that produce their own ingredients, and colourful farmer’s markets, these islands are a great destination if you are into ecological travelling.

Whatever island you choose to visit, get ready for a memorable adventure, filled with exciting outdoor activities, tasty foods, and spectacular volcanic beaches. And if you are an adrenaline junkie, you can enjoy hiking, cycling, swimming, surfing or other watersports, as well as more extreme activities like paragliding.


Ayrshire Coastal Path, Scotland

Kildonan, seen from Levencorroch Hill, Isle of Arran North Ayrshire Scotland | Photo by Vincent van Zeijst

Scotland is another fantastic destination for all adventurers who want to explore a nature-friendly place. Green is the colour that describes Scotland not only because of its landscapes, but also thanks to all the work put into offering people ecological options.

To properly explore the Scottish natural beauty, you should consider hiking one of its famous paths. Declared one of Scotland’s Great Trails by Scottish Natural Heritage, Ayrshire Coastal Path is a great choice. Not only will you have the chance to admire breath-taking landscapes and catch a glimpse of the area’s wildlife, but you will also get closer to the Scottish past while visiting some of its interesting historical sites.

You don’t have to be a hiking expert to complete the hike, but you will need to have a pretty good level of fitness since there are some cliff-tops you’ll have to walk along, as well as a few rough rocky shores.

The Arran Coastal Way is as beautiful as the famous Ayrshire Coastal Path too. Both of them will amaze your eyes with the natural beauty you will encounter on the way, and if you have enough time, you don’t even have to choose. Just hike them both! However, though you are planning this holiday during the spring season, it is advisable to check the weather before adventuring in exploring Scotland.


Hamburg, Germany

Jenisch Park

This list would not be complete without a beautiful eco-friendly European city. Declared the European Green Capital in 2011, Hamburg is one of Germany’s pearls. Filled with green public areas, gardens full of flowers, woodlands, and riverside beaches, the city is a perfect destination for people who want to explore an urban beauty but also relax in the middle of nature.

Relax in one of Hamburg’s parks, explore its beautifully arranged streets by foot or rent a bike, take a boat trip along winding canals, or travel by train because guess what? The S-Bahn airport train is powered entirely from renewable sources. In addition, you can find more than 300 green taxicabs on the streets daily.


These are just some of Europe’s eco-friendly destinations, but there are more places where ecological options are available. However, you should also be aware of your own impact on these places, of how much you can influence their economy and their inhabitants’ lives, and make sure your influence is always positive.


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