Zanzibar is one of the perfect honeymoon destinations in Tanzania. It’s popular for its nice climate, beaches, facilities and plenty of holiday and bonding activities. If you need a getaway destination for a romantic Valentines’ day, I recommend Zanzibar—it’s your best bet for a nice romantic hideaway. While it’s difficult to make specific recommendations on the choice of accommodation because of the abundance of good options, help with ideas/plans for valentine’s day will definitely be appropriate; that’s exactly what we’ll be doing today. So, here are simple plans for valentine’s day in Zanzibar.

Morning: Breakfast with Great Views

It’ll do just fine to begin your day on a light meal shared while enjoying a tradition dhow cruise together, exploring the corners of the island. Taste some of the Island’s tropical fruit for breakfast as you ride in the dhow to the reefs where you’ll see turtles, stingrays and other coral and tropical fish. Ensure you stop by at the spice plantation to learn a few things about the Island’s thriving fragrant agriculture. Don’t hesitate to buy some of the jasmine and frangipani perfume you’ll find there—it’s a way of supporting local industries while getting something nice for two.

Afternoon: Enjoy Nice Time around Palm-lined Beach

By afternoon, it’ll usually get warmer, that’s why you have the beach and its cool breeze to caress your back. This should also help you save some energy for the evening. When the heat of the day starts ebbing out, you can head to Stone Town and comb the maze-like alleyways that hide age-long history and tradition of the people.

Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering plenty to see. You’ll enjoy the trip if you go with a guide who knows his onions. There, you’ll get to learn about the significance of the intricate doorway designs that characterize the area and stopover at a number of fun spots.


You can spend the afternoon swimming or enjoying some interesting activities such as sensational diving, snorkelling, kite-surfing, among others. Just ensure you find a way to experience the superb historic and cultural side of the city before you leave.

Evening: Dinner Cruise

There are different packages for this but I will recommend those that offer 4-course dinner with trip long enough to show you some good portions of this Island. Such package will take you down Stone Town Harbour, through the tip of Zanzibar Island, up the Prison Island and then west for a glimpse of Sandbank. You will even sail past Chumbe Island and view the Art of its eco-lodges.

After the cruise, some companies organize after-dinner entertainment where you can dance the night away. Alternatively, you can arrange to retire to a cool site where you can relax with a cocktail as you both take moonlight strolls.

I hope these simple plans for Valentine’s Days works for you



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