By Daniela McVicker

Running a business means that you have to pay the necessary attention to its operations most, if not all, of the time. However, it is essential to acknowledge that you will not be present all the time to oversee its operations. Travelling, for instance, can get in the way of your business, but getting the optimal mix and striking a balance could help you get along well.

Travelling is always rewarding as you get to know different places, meet new people, and experience new ways of life. There could be various reasons behind travel, but in today’s highly connected world, it is seamless to run other affairs in your life on the go. The internet has changed the conduct of business in today’s age.

You can leverage the net to run your business affairs – and ensure that all aspects are running as planned in your absence, there may be some minor shortcomings. However, if most of your business is related to online activities, then the chances are high that everything will run properly as a result of your coordination. All you need is a strong and reliable connection to the internet.

These key aspects will be of great help.

  • Craft a schedule
  • Workload management
  • Inform your clientele
  • Manage your communication channels
  • Plan ahead
  • Plan for contingencies
  • Maximize productivity

  1. Craft a Schedule

Travelling comes with its unique set of opportunities and challenges to your business. There are chances that you can figure even more efficient ways of running things when faced with constraints, and there is the risk of messing up part of the operations of your business.

You, therefore, have to create a schedule that will allow you to pay attention to your travelling and business, as well. The issue of multiple or different time zones even necessitates schedules the more. You might also have to adjust your working hours as per the flow of work and client demands.

  1. Workload Management

When travelling, it becomes clear that you will not be in a position to work as you used to. However, customers will require you to complete their tasks on time and as per the instructions.

On your part, you wouldn’t want to churn out poor results just because you are travelling. In this sense, therefore, you have to ensure that you devise means of managing your workload. This entails meeting deadlines on time. Managing your workload is undoubtedly an essential step in striking a balance between your business and travel.

  1. Inform Your Clientele

So you do not have challenges in your travel related to planning, you must inform your clients of your plans to travel. This will keep them in the know, and thus make them adjust appropriately in light of the new information.

In such a case, you will also have to inform them of possible interruptions to work hours if there will be any. However, you should tell them in such a way that does not send them to other individuals offering the same services. While travel might be temporary or for the short-term, the business will continue to exist. You, therefore, have to make your client aware of the travel plans but also using an accommodative and reassuring tone when doing the same.

  1. Manage Your Communication Channels

Whether you are overseeing a network of individuals in your business, or you are the one solely responsible for your business, it is essential that you appropriately manage your communication channels when travelling.

Keeping in touch with clients helps to manage the progress of their projects, and also allows you to take up new ones even though you are travelling. Whether you want to reschedule, ask for a deadline extension, or coordinate a team on the ground, you must manage your communications. Your phone and email might be the essential things to managing your business when travelling.

  1. Plan Ahead

How many days are you travelling? How do you intend to handle work orders from clients coming in when travelling? These are among the various questions that you should ask yourself when travelling. Planning helps to ensure that everything will be in order while you are travelling to different places.

It will help you come up with a plan on the work you will be able to handle if any, and how you will complete existing projects in time, so they do not spill into your travel plans. Also, you might want to travel when business is low so that you minimize the blow-back or loss of business you might get while on travel. You wouldn’t like missing deadlines in the same measure as the writer on a reliable writing service who would not want to associate himself or herself with spelling errors.

  1. Plan for Contingencies

Before you start travelling, you need to ensure that you put measures in place for any emergencies or contingencies. If you are coordinating with a team, you need to put measures that will ensure that clients get a listening ear to their queries. There could be work that might need your specific attention, and not that of other employees alone.

You need to plan for such cases. There are chances that clients could ask you to handle some work for them when you are in awkward situations like those when you have shaky internet connections. For such circumstances, you need to have an elaborate road-map that will guide how you act.

  1. Maximize Productivity

You will be in a position to work optimally during some hours of the day. These are the times that you can give your best. It is also the time that you can handle various tasks efficiently and even faster. You have to ensure that you make the most out of your optimal hours. Set this time for high-priority tasks. This way, you will be in a position to make proper use of your time while not missing out on business.

In summary, travelling might seem to be a blow to your business, but not entirely if you properly plan. Travelling should not set you back business-wise, nor should it impede proper oversight and management. Instituting a set of measures can help you to juggle business and clients even as you enjoy travelling, meeting, and seeing new places and people.


About the Author

Daniela McVicker is a freelance writer and blogger. She graduated from Durham University and has an MA in psychological science. Her passion is travelling and finding ways to enrich students’ learning experience



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