… And we are approaching the month of love. It’s like we are just getting over the beginning of the year blues and it is already time for another celebration. But it is the celebration of love so we cannot complain.

How do you tell your significant other you love them? A pair of specialized cufflinks? A bouquet of roses? A get away to the wonderful island of Zanzibar?

If you are thinking Zanzibar, we are too… White sand, turquoise waters, clean air… It’s a paradise paradise (if ever a paradise wished to be in paradise). To see more of Zanzibar, click here

Over the last few years, we started taking you on a culinary course meals around Africa and her surrounding Islands; from our Octopus salad in Seychelles to Kuku Paka in Mombasa, to so many more I’m sure you can never forget. This year we’ll continue these course meals with desserts. And this particular dessert is called  Zanzibar apples served with Rambutan cream. Rambutan is an exotic fruit originating from Southeast Asia and then cultivated in other parts of the world.

If you’re excited to whip this dessert that would end your special night on a high note, whip out your cooking utensils and let’s get cooking.



12 red apples

1 cup sugar

2 pieces of fresh cinnamon (not powder)

3 cups of water


For the Rambutan cream:

130 gms sugar

1 cup milk

6 egg yolks

6 rambutans


Cooking Method:

Deseed the apple before adding it to a pot of water mixed with sugar and cinnamon. Let it be on the boil for ten minutes before taking off to cool or put it in the fridge.

Red apples



Peel the rambutan, taking out the white fruit and add it to a half cup of milk in the mixer.


Rambutan mix

In a bowl, add the rest of the sugar and the milk then fold in the eggs. Beat until it becomes a creamy texture.



Add the cream over the rambutan mixture and stir until cold.

To get the best results, leave in the fridge overnight so it thickens for an even better taste

Serve with cinnamon apples. Enjoy.


Recipe Credit: Zazinet.org


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