Hi folks! It’s another recipe Wednesday and we are here to serve you with another tasty recipe from another fantastic location in Africa. Our destination this week takes us to one of our two Portuguese island nations, Sao Tomé and Princípe, which consists of two main islands (you guessed right!) Sao Tomé and Princípe (which is the smaller of the two.

It is an island said to be set directly on the equator and one (if I may say so) of the unspoilt, untouched islands yet to be seen in all its magnificent entirety. To see and know more of this island, click here.

Our recipe for this week is simple and a classic and also for those who will not need to check their weight on the scales… lol. We will try our hands at making Sonhos de Banana or in English Banana dreams, which really are donuts with a banana filling.

So, if you like to try new things like I do, whip up your cooking utensils and let’s get to work!



4 peeled bananas

2 tbsp sugar

1 cup flour

½ cup milk

1 egg

1 tsp cinnamon sugar

Vegetable oil


Mash the bananas with a fork and mix with the flour and normal sugar.


flour (1)

Whisk the egg in a bowl and add the milk. When mixed, include the banana mix and make a batter.



In a deep fryer, heat the oil on 350 degree F.

Depending on the shape you desire of the donuts (use your hands or a tablespoon),  drop the batter one ball at a time into the hot oil for about five minutes, turning it halfway so it fries on both sides until golden brown.

Drain on a paper towel and sprinkle cinnamon sugar over your donuts.


Recipe culled from: 196flavours.com

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