Saluté L’Afrique! and hope your bellies have settled from last week’s eye-popping dish. I hope you tried cooking this recipe, and if you did, fingers crossed it came out great.

This week, we head to the beautiful island of Comoros; an archipelago island in between the northern ends of Mozambique and Madagascar. There are four major islands and many islets that make up the archipelago of Comoros. Though an Islamic nation, there are various activities one can try at their beaches; snorkelling, deep-sea diving, sailing – you name it.

Ok! Enough of the doe eyes… to learn more about Comoros and all, you can click here

Our recipe today, which is a delicacy of the people of Comoros, though a recipe from its neighbour island, Mayotte, is Matamba Fish or in French, Mataba au Poisson. Mataba is a type of sauce and can be used with any sort of fish. For the purpose of this recipe, we will be using tuna.

So if you like to try new things as I do, whip up your cooking tools and let’s get to work!


2kg Cassava Leaf

500 grams of Tuna (or any type of fish you’d like to try)

1 Red Bell Pepper

Salt to taste

1 litre Coconut Juice Concentrate

2 Large Onions

6 Garlic Cloves


Cooking Method:

Mix the cassava leaves with the pepper, onions and garlic, adding salt to taste. All these ingredients should be put in your mini mortar and be crushed.



Into a large saucepan, pour the concentrated coconut and bring to boil and add the crushed cassava mix to it, stirring occasionally. Cook for an hour.


While the cassava coconut mix is cooking, shred the tuna and fry for a bit. If you are using the skin, allow it to burn a bit for it to have a crunchy bite to it, but the main fish should be succulent to taste.


Add the fish to the cassava coconut mix and leave for another 15 minutes on low heat.

Serve with rice.

Recipe by Afrik-Cuisine


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