Welcome to another Recipe Wednesday. It has been so much fun writing and making recipes from around Africa and it makes me appreciate Africa even more. Today we are cooking the delicacy of the people of Enugu  – a welcome dish called Abacha (African Salad). Abacha is basically dried shredded cassava mixed with palm oil and other condiments.

Beyond being blessed with a landscape so beautiful, people so accommodating, Africa indeed has mouth bursting recipes that are a wonder in itself. The beautiful city of Enugu in the southeast region of Nigeria is also known as Coal City as it was once a prime location for export of coal within Africa and foreign lands. The name Enugu is an anglicized version of the Igbo word “Enu-Ugwu” which means top of the hills and trust me when I say that the view from the hills is worth seeing. To see more of what Enugu has to offer, click here

If you are eager to cook this dish as I am, get your utensils out and let’s cook.



2 cups Abacha (dried Shredded cassava)

1 Dried Fish (You may choose to add whatever protein you want to, some people prefer shredded beef or ponmo ‘cow skin’

1/4 cup Palm Oil

1/2 tsp Akaun *Cooking Potash*

3 tbsp Crayfish

1/2 bulb small onion (chopped)

1/4 cup chopped scented leaves

1 cube maggi and salt to taste


Preparation method:

Soak the abacha in hot water for 25 – 30 minutes after which you drain thoroughly


In a pot over medium heat, bleach the palm oil for about 5 minutes after which you can set aside to cool

With one tablespoon of hot water, dissolve the Akaun after which you pour into the bowl and mix the solution, bleached palm oil, softened abacha, chopped onions, crayfish, dried fish and maggi together.





Add salt to taste.

Add the scented leaves just before serving.

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* Ugba (last pic) can be added as an optional condiment to complement abacha or eaten as a side dish.

Recipe by 9jafoodie

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