Happy Wednesday everyone. Hope you’ve had a good start to your week so far? Here at Afro Tourism, we sure love that it’s Wednesday, another Recipe day.

Our destination of the week is Kololi, a resort town on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean in The Gambia. Expect beautiful beaches, fantastic seafood restaurants and luxury resorts. If you are looking for a great weekend getaway, Kololi should be worth considering. To see more of what Kololi has to offer click here

This week we will be preparing a dish called Olele, which can be eaten on its own or alongside rice dishes. It is blended beans wrapped in leaves and cooked. It is cooked in other West African countries, such as Nigeria, but known there as ‘Moi-Moi’. Get your utensils out and let’s get cooking.

Preparation time: 120 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Serves: 10


4 Cups Black eyed beans

Salt to taste

Chopped onions

Chopped Chillies


Smoked Salmon (or sardines/eggs/corned beef)

Tomato Paste

Vegetable Oil


Preparation Method:

Soak the black eyed beans in water until the skin comes off and what is left is the white of the beans (some people tend to soak the beans overnight so it peels off easily).


Blend the beans in a blender, adding the salt, crushed onions, chillies and seasoning until paste is smooth.

Pour the blended beans into a bowl and mix it with the tomato paste. At this stage you can also add your protein (salmon, corned beef, egg, sardine).



Add water to the mix until consistency is that of a pancake, afterward add some vegetable oil.

Add this onto foil paper and put it into a steam basket and steam for 20 minutes.


Let’s know how yours went. If you have other methods of cooking Olele, feel free to comment.

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Recipe by Sparkpeople


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