If you wish to visit West Africa and you are wondering where to go, a trip to Ghana will be a great Idea. It is one of the few English-speaking countries in West Africa, and it is a fast growing holiday destination on the continent. Many people—like the Obamas, visit Ghana to see some of its historical fortes and castles, others do to relax and enjoy the amazing beaches on its coastlines while many others go there for education or business only to be thrilled by the warmth of its people and amusingness of their culture, food and vibe. Whatever might be your reasons for desiring to visit Ghana, here are a few things that should find space in your bag…the list is not exhaustive though, so feel free to add more as you wish.

Passport with Ghana Entry visa (if you are not exempted) as well as International Vaccination Card with Yellow Fever Vaccination Proof.

These are the basics:


It works in different ways, whether it’s for fashion or for protection. But I recommend the sunscreen for safety. Ghana is a tropical country so there is sun even in the rainy season.


Kakum National Park

You’ll need this if hiking is on your itinerary—and I doubt how it won’t make it there. Especially if for instance you are visiting Kejetia in Kumasi and Kakum National Park, or Cape Coast where there are a few spots to explore. This pack would come handy in holding the essential things you’ll need on such a tour.

Debit Card/Cash

While it is not advisable to go about with cash, you’ll definitely need some cash to get by and sort a few necessities in Ghana. The good news is that there are international banks in the country where you can easily make withdrawals with your debit card, so, don’t forget to come with it.

An open mind and Right attitude

Wherever you are from, it can’t be Ghana if it’s not Ghana. The people here are friendly, but they are also unique in their own right. For instance, Ghanaians are inherently communal people, they normally sit in circles and share their meal with one another from a bowl whilst conversing and joking around. This might be off it where you are from, but it’s the happy way people live in Ghana.

Mosquito Net

Any illness can mess any good plan, so in addition to all the necessary vaccinations, you might need to do before your trip, getting an insecticide-treated net is a good idea. Mosquito is about the biggest small insect to be afraid of in West Africa, but with an insecticide-treated net, you can ward them off you when you sleep—especially if you are not staying in the hotel.

Insect Repellant and Malaria Pills

In addition to the net, an insect repellant will be handy too; and if the unexpected happens, you might just need to fall back on your malaria pills, so don’t forget to pack them.

Light Clothing and Good Walking shoes

US President Barack Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia tour Cape Coast Castle, a former slavery outpost, in Cape Coast, Ghana, on July 11, 2009. The visit marks Obama’s first to subsaharan Africa as president. AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

The weather could get quite hot in Ghana even in the raining season—especially if you are coming from a colder zone, so you’ll do just fine with light clothes. A trip to landmark attractions like Cape Coast Castle, Elmina among others will require some walking; a smart shoe is a perfect recipe for this.

Adapter, Camera, Tablet, Books

The three-pronged adapter, i.e. UK style outlets, is what is mostly used in Ghana so bring it with you when you are coming, you’ll need it for different purposes depending on the gadget you may come with. Besides, there is internet service in most standard hotels too so you should be free to come with your tab, snap pictures and upload after each day trip.


You just might need it on an evening stroll or when the light goes off at night if you aren’t staying in a hotel.

Phone and MP3 player

The need for a phone is obvious and the MP3 player… it’s will help with road time


The roads can be dusty and a wet one over your mouth may help, or just to blow your nose.



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