Following various xenophobic attacks in South Africa, the Chief Executive Officer of South African Tourism Thulani Nzima has condemned the appalling xenophobic attacks taking place in the various locations in South Africa.

Thulani said, “It is with embarrassment and shame that I come before the world and especially my fellow Africans to apologise for these senseless attacks. I hold in contempt the loathing and subsequent attacks suffered by our brothers and sisters from the continent.

Speaking further, he said “The majority of us South Africans, perceive and carry ourselves as Africans and believe what we have witnessed in some parts of our country goes against the grain of who we are as a people, our constitution, and the principles of Ubuntu that we so dearly adhere to.

I personally extend my sincerest apologies to you. “As my colleagues and I prepare for our Pan-African Trade Show, INDABA, from 9 to 11 May 2015, in the city of Durban, we wish to reassure all INDABA delegates and foreign nationals coming into South Africa that our country is safe for you to visit. We do not take for granted the support we have enjoyed over the years from our brothers and sisters throughout the continent in contributing to the growth of tourism into our country.

We are also appreciative of the backing of our counterparts on the continent who have ensured that our flagship Trade Shows, INDABA and Meetings Africa, has grown in stature in the years they have been in existence” Thulani said.

He assured the delegates and visitors of Indaba 2015 that, “this matter is being managed at the highest level of the land. President Jacob Zuma has assigned the South African Ministers of Home Affairs, Police, State Security to work with provinces affected to contain the violence. Task teams have been established to coordinate the response.

He tendered apologies for the unfortunate incident saying, “On behalf of South African Tourism, please accept our sincerest apologies during this time as we extend our hand of friendship to you. Please be rest assured that South Africa remains a welcoming destination filled with warm people.

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