For a lot of people, travelling outside the country is the best way to take care of all their medical issues. Whether it’s because they’re in need of experts in certain fields or they’re looking for a better deal on procedures, this is now becoming quite a common practice everywhere in the world. In short, medical tourism is thriving, and everyone is happy to have more options at their disposal.

One of the most popular continents to travel to is Africa, and anyone who’s looking for excellent doctors, good prices, and very professional staff at clinics should make it their primary destination. Wondering which countries are the best pick for your medical needs? Take a look.


Photo taken at Mara Bushtops in Masai Mara, Kenya by Robin Stuart.

Kenya is one of the leading destinations that people flock to, and it’s helped along by the fact that it’s a very beautiful country. As one of Africa’s top beneficiaries of cross-border travel for medical procedures, this is where you need to be if you want high-quality service for cheap prices. While plastic surgery is undeniably one of the most common reasons for medical travel, this country is also a hub of wellness centres and healthy living. If you want to increase your physical health and recover your confidence, this is a great destination. Of course, it’s not just doctors and clinics that you can find here—there are many ways to experience Kenya and enjoy its sights. From savannah grasslands and national parks, to the bustling energy of Nairobi, you can come for surgery, but stay to enjoy a fun vacation.


Chefchaouen, Morocco by Ferran Feixas

The Kingdom of Morocco is another prominent destination for medical tourism, and patients are mostly drawn to incredibly good plastic surgeons and physical therapists. For those who are recovering from an injury and want to build up their strength and stamina, working with a good, affordable therapist makes all the difference. Liposuction is also one the most popular procedures with prices starting from $1200 for those who want to shape up their body. Kidney patients are also in luck if they want to visit Morocco because the country is full of excellent dialysis centres, so you can enjoy a vacation without worrying about your health. Certain sites like Booknowmed even let you schedule all your appointments in advance so there’s no hassle involved and you can travel safely. Overall, this is a great destination for those who want affordable medical care.


Egyptian Pyramids by Fynn Schmidt

A country with a lot of potential, Egypt is just now developing their medical tourism at a steady pace. After the success of its Virus C campaign, Egypt earned its place on the map. Now, patients are eager for the quality services they can find here. Steps are being taken to promote some lesser known areas that are full of good clinics, and Egypt’s doctors are becoming more renown each day. Hair transplant surgeries are on the rise, and the country is investing in advertising and working on drawing more people in with low prices. While it’s not the most popular of the options shown here, it’s still a good choice for a lot of people.   


Mahdia, Tunisia by Mohamed ben Zineb.

Tunisia offers prices that can be even 50% lower than those in Western Europe, so it’s another very attractive option for patients. Cardiology, urology, and gynaecology experts are much sought-after, and if you need a life-saving procedure that would cost you a fortune somewhere else, this can be the way to get it. Breast augmentation and fertility treatments are also popular, and so is liposuction and other body-shaping surgeries.

Tunisia is full of five-star hotels for those who want to experience luxury, and you’re bound to enjoy the warm weather that’s pleasant all year round. The best months for medical tourism are April and May because spring is lovely, but you can also go in fall, especially if you plan to visit the Sahara Desert. Summer is also an option, but bear in mind that it’s the peak season so everything might be crowded.

South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa by Tim Johnson

South Africa is gorgeous, and it boasts some of the best doctors and medical facilities on the whole continent. Affordable dentistry, fertility treatments, breast augmentation, and other cosmetic procedures are what this country is known for, and the level of professionalism offered is unmatched. Low-cost procedures are done by expert physicians, so you never have to worry about your health falling into the wrong hands. It’s also a very beautiful destination that offers plenty of chances for sight-seeing and fun, and if you want to enjoy a mix of modern facilities and cultural adventures, you should definitely visit. You can visit the ancient ruins of Kruger Park or feel the cosmopolitan vibe of Cape Town’s clubs and restaurants after taking care of your medical needs, so don’t hesitate to visit.


If you need to travel for health, pick one of these countries. You’ll get the best possible care and you can’t go wrong!


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