Take in the gentle beauty of a scenery defined by awesome greenery, palm-lined beachfront and tender kisses of the soothing ocean breeze to know the therapeutic gift of Mother Nature. Few places offer such tranquil ambience and blissful experience in a city like Lagos, and when you find such a place, you can’t but scream Oooose! or voila! whichever comes first. That was exactly how I felt when I discovered La Campagne Tropicana with Afro Tourism.

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LCT, as I like to call it, is a beach resort in Lagos with a lot of difference. Its selling point is the sheer beauty of its scenery – with delightful palm trees and grounds well looked after, a near-perfect beach – free from hawkers, crowd and trash cans, and an awesome service delivery – credit to the hospitable retinue of staff. If you add the activities available at the resort: sack race, horse riding, swimming, tennis, kayaking, etc., you’ll need no oracular powers to know how much I am in love with this place and why I think it should make everyone’s bucket list – as far as Lagos is concerned.

And the site alone creates memories: LCT is entwined in the core freshness of nature amongst virgin trees and the lovely view of the gentle romantic reflection of the setting sun upon the calm Atlantic Ocean.
When I visited, I found a luxury resort that is awash with the rich heritage of its very environment, yet contemporary and compliant with the new age. The operators take particular interest in encouraging bonding between/among friends, family and colleagues by creating plenty of team building activities and seemingly shutting off the distractions of the wide wild world (WWW).

Anyone visiting will naturally love the traditional names given to the rooms, be fascinated by the use of gurgling drums as doorbell and the beachside bed called simi. I was particularly thrilled by the tree houses, the extensive sandy beach, warm Atlantic ocean, accessible mangrove forest, and how much work nature had done at the location to make it a potential world-class tourist location – a few touches more and it’ll join the league of the global bests.

As with all luxury experience though, LCT is not cheap. A night stay can set you back with about a hundred thousand Naira (about $277). Don’t scream yet, because each moment spent there is worth every kobo – or a penny if you like.
I had a great time at the facility without breaking a bank thanks to Afro Tourism – I am sure you can, too. The company negotiates and secure rock bottom price deals for their clients who want a luxury experience at an affordable rate by creating group tours.

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