Located South of Banjul, Kololi the resort town and the smiling coast of the Gambia is relatively one of the main highlights of any tourist’s visit to the tiny West African country. The major plus is that this is where things happen day and night, as in almost everything! By plus, I meant the resort town gives any visitor the unique opportunity to have fun, relax and enjoy a nice beach holiday.

You’ll get to The Gambia in just about 6 hours if coming from the UK, and it guarantees a lot of sun and sandy beaches. Itching for a particularly fun getaway? Head straight to the resort town, Kololi; it’s one of Gambia’s coastal towns that is just perfect for a right beach holiday.

One of Kololi’s hidden treasures is its soft white sand that makes lazing days on the beach, relaxation in the sun, or leisurely walks something to long for. What more can one ask for on a holiday: hotel-based holiday resort, plenty of bars, a casino and several reasonably priced international restaurants. For its status, Kololi has these in fairly reasonable proportion.


Whenever I visit any city, three things always get my attention: the food, relaxation points and sights as well as the people. These trios could make or mar any trip. Gambia is full of amiable people, being a resort town makes Kololi a foodie destination with so much to choose from; besides, the town’s beaches would settle anyone’s non-foodie appetite for nice spots to relax; and there are so many things to do to make a trip worthwhile.


With virtually all A-grades for what I call the necessaries of travel, it’s easy to recommend the resort town—Kololi, to anyone seeking fun time in a beach resort town.

When I first visited the resort town, I noticed a dark side: it is the ridiculous presence of tourist police. I was later told that but for these guards, bumsters would almost literarily have a field-day harassing tourists, especially fair-skinned women.

I met Claire, a French tourist, at a beach in Kololi and I tried to sample her opinion on this issue. Her response was that she was used to them. According to her “as a woman, walking alone on the beach and walking back to your hotel is like running gauntlet if you are new because you will have to ward off one chat-up after another from young men who hang around. It is all part of the fun, but it could get tiring at times though.” She mused.


On my last visit to the town, I visited Bijilo Forest Park. It is a small rainforest nature reserve located on a cliff edge on the beach right next to Kololi, Senegambia strip. This site is just perfect for eco-tourists and birdwatcher. I learnt there are over 133 species of birds in this reserve including the Red-necked Falcon, Grey Hornbill, Prinia and various types of Bee-eaters; four primate species also inhabit the park—they are patas monkey, green vervet monkeys, red colobus and the galagos or bushbabies.



Bird (1)

There are flora of different species as well, among which are lilies, wild orchids, salt-tolerant vines, magnificent silk cotton trees, palms and the odd looking baobab trees (sometimes called the upside down tree), all of which make the Park a nice place to be.

Here is the true verdict about this city: “Kololi is a great location for those who want to soak up the sun during the day and party at night as well as for those looking for a wide choice of restaurants within easy walking distance.” Won’t you rather make this resort town your next destination spot?


Usifo Mike-Alvin is a creative writer with a knack for budget traveling and adventure. He travels across Africa and reports for afrotourism


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