What does your typical daily schedule look like in Lagos – work, traffic, sleep and all the usual stuff, right? What if we could add some spice to your day, take you away from Lagos’ hustle, to somewhere away from your regulars, and make you truly relax while you enjoy nature and all the good things of life –

…yeah! You don’t have to travel outside of Lagos because we know you love Lagos and won’t like to take you away from your love

… And what if we offer you all these at little or no price? I bet you’ll jump at it.

We thought you needed such an amazing getaway once in a while that is why we have put together a relaxing boat cruise in Lagos for your pleasure. On this Lagos boat cruise, we are offering nothing but fun, fun, and more fun.

So, if you’re interested in taking your family out to enjoy a fantastic Lagos boat cruise, get entertained and return home happy with beautiful memories, this is for you. We also welcome lovers, singles and friends who will like to experience a different side of Lagos.

On this fabulous timeout, you will be treated to good entertainment by talented entertainer onboard our double-decker luxury boat…and you don’t have to worry about your comfort and safety as our crew have taken care of that.

On the luxury boat, you have comfortable seats in three different areas of your choice. The whole setting is such that there is never going to be human traffic or stampede at bay.

As we cruise from Lekki Admiralty to Bonny Bridge and back, you can enjoy our nice, three-course mean, sip wine, juice or water and thoroughly enjoy the cool breeze as you capture each moments.


Are you ready for this wonderful experience?

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Michael Alvin

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Michael Alvin is a lawyer and a UNESCO certified journalist. At Afro Tourism, he blends creativity with his training in telling moving stories about his personal experience on his various trips across Africa.
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