As one of Nigeria’s major tourists’ hotspots, Calabar prides itself in its amazing attractions such as the Marina Resort, Drill Ranch or Drill Monkey Rehab Centre, Mary Slessor’s home, Slave History Museum and the Duke Town church. Others include the Tinapa Business, Hotels and Resort, Obudu Cattle Ranch and Oban Falls. Once upon a time you visited Calabar as a tourist. You came, saw and was subsequently conquered and captured by this serene and peaceful town. Inhabited by some of the most hospitable people in the world, it is little wonder you’re considering Calabar as your new place of permanent abode. Heeding to the tit-bits and guides contained in this piece will enable you settle in effortlessly.


There appears to be a gap in lifestyle as a tourist compared to that of locals or residents of Calabar, however it’s not too wide a gap and is not very distinct. This would be attributed to the affordable cost of living in Calabar. Furthermore, Calabar is noted for its top notch security and boasts of having one of the best infrastructural facilities in the country that makes living comfortable. Falling in love with the beauty of Calabar and all that it has to offer is not the only reason to decide to stay permanently, perhaps yours is as a result of marriage, new job offer, or perhaps just as simple as a change of scenery, be rest assured that whatever prompted your decision, Calabar promises to deliver. Making new friends in Calabar shouldn’t be too difficult either due to the locals’ hospitality, friendliness and warmth. Plus they are fun to be around, once acquaintance is struck up and/or friendship is established.

For accommodation, to rent a comfortable house consisting of a single bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet, would cost in the range of 150, 000 – 200, 000 naira per annum. However, be sure to insist that your agent get you an apartment within the Calabar Municipality, for it’s a much better place to stay for newbies. The roads in Calabar are mostly tarred and maintained, accompanied by paved walkways. There’s minimal and in certain areas non-existent disturbances and encumbrances of noise, carbon emissions or dirt which many urban areas are characterised of.

Power supply is still epileptic in Calabar like the rest of the country even though the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) is trying to up its game in the provision of regular power supply. However, if you’d love uninterrupted power supply, then an alternative power source such as an electricity generating set should be purchased. This comes in different affordable models and sizes, and would depend on your power consumption needs and of course your income.

Just like every other cosmopolitan city, pick-pockets and petty robbery has been reported in certain areas in Calabar, but as long as regular and unchecked late nights are not observed, security is almost always guaranteed. The city of Calabar’s fire service is operational and the emergency response numbers to call when the need arises are as follows: 08077022450, 08022883008.

Familiar with the ‘magic’ of Calabar women yet? Perhaps, this bold and beautiful Efik beauties contributed to your informed choice for a new abode. No? Yes? Likewise, many visitors and tourists have had similar encounters in the course of exploring this beautiful city. However, treat everyone with the respect you would expect to receive and all will be well. Anything outside of this could incur not just the wrath of the women but that of their entire families! So be a gentleman and don’t get started on what you have no intention of finishing.

If you are thinking of starting a business in Calabar, ensure you do your homework well by identifying your target market. Most people usually include students of the University of Calabar plus students of other tertiary institutions in the city in their target audience when drawing up business plans. A belief derived from the notion that students will always be back for repeat business ‘if you have what they need, they’ll always be back for more.’ There are also many investment opportunities springing up in Calabar by the day, so watch out for them.


Generally, Calabar is a great place to live. The weather is excellent (although it pours heavily when it rains). The food is great and often described as out of this world. The simple lifestyle of the residents is admirable, the traffic is light all year round and the annual Christmas carnival is the climax of it all. So why not Come And Live And Be At Rest.



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