Click… click… click…and you’ve stored away loads of memories and ideas to inspire you and someone else! We all want to look back and relish the good time; to look back and smile at that birthday party pictures, the pre-wedding shot, family photos, friends reunion, or some experiences you captured during your globe-tottering expedition. In fact, if you’re into the vanity business of “peppering” (tormenting), friends on Instagram, you definitely know the value of good pictures. For many, it’s all about expression, others take pictures as a hobby, while many others make fortunes from clicking the shutter button. Whatever your interest, we thought this ongoing global lockdown is an opportunity to add photographic skill to your existing repertoire of knowledge, create a visual diary of your existence during this lockdown and get creatively busy. So, in this piece, we share ideas on how to take good pictures, including tips for handling cameras, quarantine home photograph ideas, beach photography tips among others…we hope this gets you going.

Basic Introduction to photography

If you are new to photography, you might want to learn some basics about cameras, their settings and how to get the best from your camera. Laur, in the video below, breaks down what should know:

Since most of us use our mobile phones to take pictures, here is how we can improve our mobile phone photograph:


Kill boredom with these lockdown photoshoot ideas

The lockdown is keeping most of us at home right now, so I thought’ “why not try taking pictures around your home? Sawyer Hartman shares some creative ideas on how to do so, including how to create a dreamy white layered background using just a bed sheet and how to create a cute self-portrait. Check him out in this interesting video. I bet by the time you’re done, you would have created a visual diary of your existence within those walls of your house.

Here are beach photography Ideas as well

If you live in the countryside and you are lucky to have beaches to walk on or forest to play in, you might want to try the Beach Photography Ideas in the video below. Don’t worry if you are not so lucky right now, the lockdown will be over before you know it and you’ll be able to hit the beach and try these ideas as well.

Tips for rain photography

If it’s been raining heavily in your area and you’re wondering how you could create a  visual diary of your existence during the lockdown despite the rain, here is a video about Shooting in Bad Weather precisely, shooting in the rain. I bet it should help you navigate shooting in the rain.

Remember to protect your equipment, here is an economic way to do it:

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