If you are still looking for a lovely destination for your next holiday, then search no further. We’ve combed all of Africa to find Marrakesh, an affordable, luxurious and enigmatic destination that is equally a perfect hedonists, honeymoon and romantic getaway site. Sit back, relax and enjoy!


Enjoy Amazing Holiday in Marrakesh

Marrakesh means different thing to different people, but everyone believes her appellation as the Red City is simply apt. The city is like a woman behind a veil – mysterious, removed and enigmatic. It can be difficult to get beneath the skin of this city, but if you manage to, the experience is inexpressible!

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Oscar winner, Gwyneth Paltrow, calls Marrakesh: ‘the best place on Earth’. The city’s medina is named by Afro Tourism as one of the most beautiful World Heritage sites around. Huffington Post has equally placed Marrakech on 7th position among its list of “50 cities to see in your lifetime”, while Trip Advisor considered it the Top City to Visit in 2015.

A friend once told me that if Marrakesh was a cake made with culture instead of flour, its other main ingredients would have been fun, colour and exuberance. Now, why is Holiday in Marrakesh so highly rated?

I found the answer not in the city’s vast and sprawling marketplace, its many exquisite mosques, palaces, and gardens, but in its character as an exotic locale for a honeymoon. The number of honeymooners in the city is startling; however, even if you are not planning a honeymoon, Marrakesh’s romantic appeal will meet something you seek for in a holiday.

Red City Marrakech Sunset


The city is a treat to the senses. You’ll be wowed by the beautiful, contrasting colours of its architecture, the bustling and fragrant spice markets, as well as its flavourful cuisine.

street food


The city offers everything needed to make a romantic holiday go as smoothly as possible, from flowers, chocolates and perfumes to romantic dinners. There are also monuments, museums and botanical gardens, complemented by fine cuisine, vibrant nightlife and an enticing array of day trips to the Atlas Mountains, Kasbahs and Atlantic Coast. All of which guarantee that there won’t be any dull moments.

High Atlas mountains


morocco Atlantic Coast

One thing you shouldn’t panic about in Marrakesh is where to stay. The city has very spacious,  glamorous “new towns,” only 20 minutes or so from the “old towns.” So, if you’re not keen on staying within medieval walls with donkeys, smells and somewhat chaos, you can easily settle into a five-star hotel in the midst of McDonalds, H&M and Starbucks.

Marrakech Selman Hotel

Even in the old town (medieval medina), there are Riads (converted palaces) that virtually sing with opulence. In such Riads, most of the guest rooms are sometimes surrounded by an inner courtyard brimming with fountains, mosaics and succulent foliage. Guests in these Riads are usually offered home-style cooking such as chicken tagine with preserved lemon and saffron – and rooftop balconies strewn with sequined floor cushions and sunset views of pointed roofs and sandy mountains. I bet that’s something good enough for a King…like you.

Marrakech Riad

Marrakesh unveils itself in its Souks. These Souks are so alluring that they seduce, cajole and draw you in until there’s no escape. To explore a souk, you can visit the Medina’s roof top restaurants that beckon with mint-tea-infused-air or Jemaa El Fna Square, one of the world’s most fascinating, lively and unique open-air markets.


Sunbeams light through a souk in Marrakech, Morocco

The name Djema el-Fna means the “assembly of the dead,” representing the public executions that took place at the location nearly 1,000 years ago. Now considered by UNESCO to be a Masterpiece, and preserved as a World Heritage Site, the square is home to everything from snake charmers to water-sellers and sidewalk dentists during the day. Come at dusk, to see the area lightens up with musicians, acrobats and fire-breathers creating a veritable circus-like atmosphere. Throw in some street food at next-to-nothing prices and you’ll leave with the evening firmly embedded in memory.


traditional water men or water-sellers of Marrakech in Morocco



There is also the Jardin Majorelle –a villa and garden, where Yves Saint Laurent once lived. A visit to the property is a calming break from the stunning sensory overload. You may go on and take a hot air balloon ride, visit an art gallery or end your day at a splashy dance club before heading to your luxurious Riad behind non-assuming, plain walls, waiting in cool serenity for your tired feet. Won’t you rather get a feel of this once-in-a-lifetime experience on your next holiday?




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