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The French embassy located in Lagos accounted for 12,963 visa denials alone

Schengen embassies in Nigeria rejected a total 44,076 visa applications in 2018, more than they did in any other African countries, according to VisaGuide.World.

Latest official data reveal that Schengen countries remain a popular destination for travellers from Nigeria. Last year, exactly 88,587 residents of Nigeria submitted a Schengen uniform visa application. Thus, it meant that the number of visa applications increased slightly compared to 83,647 recorded in 2017.

A major highlight of the recently released annual statistical report was the high number of Schengen visa denials in Nigeria. According to the date, of the total 88,587 visa applications in 2018, Schengen embassies rejected almost half of them (49.8% or 44,076). As such, Nigeria claimed the first spot in the list of African countries with most Schengen visa applications that were denied.

France stood at the top of the table of Schengen embassies which declined most visa applications. The French consulate office located in Lagos accounted for 12,963 visa denials alone. This is more than half of the visa applications (25,521) at this consulate office. The other French embassy situated in Abuja added some 3,510 denied visas.

Italy (5,766), Germany (5,098), Portugal (4,492) and Spain (3,515) followed in this list.

The table below features five Schengen countries whose embassies received most visa applications in Nigeria along with other related data.

Schengen Embassy Uniform Visas Applied For Uniform visas issued Share of MEV Denied Visas
France 33,308 16,511 30.3% 16,473
Italy 13,295 7,407 62.7% 5,766
Germany 10,847 5,551 50.2% 5,098
Portugal 5,939 1,323 4.6% 4,492
Spain 6,676 2,859 3.5% 3,515


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