Kitfo (Steak Tatare) & Coffee from Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.


There is something about Ethiopia and food that just hits home with most people, from a well made cup of coffee made at a traditional coffee making ceremony to the buffet style serving that accompanies your meal order.

Ethiopia remains the only African country that was never colonized, it also happens to be the highest exporter of coffee beans in Africa. Given that fables tie the origin of coffee in Ethiopia to a goat herder whose goats were unusually hyper after consuming the seeds of a particular tree, and the ceremonious coffee making traditions that still exist today, one can surmise that Ethiopia has high stakes in the best African recipes race.

Cuisines in this country are different from the norm as some dishes are consumed in their raw state, one of such dish is Kitfo; made of spiced blended meat marinated in butter. This can then be eaten with injera, a special flat bread made of sourdough.

So if you like to try new things like I do, whip up your cooking tools and let’s get to work!

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Ingredients: For Coffee

200g Coffee beans

10g Cardamom seeds


Cooking Methods: For Coffee


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Rinse the coffee beans, then place on a coal or gas stove using a flat ethiopian coffee roasting pan (Baret Matad), remove the husks while stirring.


When the coffee beans have turned black and you can notice the shiny appearance which results from the aromatic oil that the heat coaxes out, the beans are ready for grounding.

Using a mortar and pestle, pound the already cooled beans to a small grain size, add in cardamom.



Pour the mixture into a coffee boiling pot (Jabena) with some hot water.

Once the steam rises to the top of the Jabena, the coffee is ready to be served.

Tip the pot and fill the small coffee cups (Cini), serve with sugar or salt.




Cooking Method: For Kitfo

Cooking Time:

Serves: 4



Ingredients: For Kitfo

2 lbs. top round beef (freshly cut)

6 tsp. ground cayenne pepper (Mitmita*)

4 tbsp. clarified butter (Nitir Kebe)

1 tsp. cardamom powder(korerima)

1⁄4 tsp. garlic powder(optional)salt and black pepper

Cut the meat in small pieces; remove fat and seams.

In a food processor put in small amounts of the meat at a time, spread some mitmita, and grind until meat is finely chopped; using a fork, remove any residue of fat and seams; place the spicy ground meat in a dish; repeat the process until all required meat is done.


In small pot, on a lower heat melt the butter (made of a mixture of unsalted butter, bishop seed, koseret, black cumin, cardamom seeds) , add the remaining mitmita, false cardamom, (garlic, black pepper, salt, if needed); remove from heat.


Combine the spicy ground meat with the spicy butter; using fork and spoon, mix it until completely marinated.



Place it in a lightly warm serving dish, serve it immediately with Injera or bread. If preferred, sauté the marinated meat for two to three minutes.


Kitfo-Image6 (1)

Note: As Steak Tartare is an uncooked dish, choice of first class quality meat and cleanliness is important.


Recipe by: yewoinfamilycooking


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