It’s 2019! The much awaited year is upon us already. If you’re like many others who haven’t made plans for the year, now might well be your best time to start.

Years past, we would have produced a list of top destinations that people could go to in the New Year. But after studying the patterns of travel of many travellers, we realized how unhelpful a list of suggested destinations could be. So we twisted the approach and started an individual-interest approach.

The result has been marvellous. Rather than provide a list of destinations that people should try, we let people define what they want their holidays to be and suggest potential destinations that meet their needs – what we call Alternative Destinations (for gorilla trekking, for instance, Uganda and Rwanda are alternative destinations).

As we found out, it’s difficult to give a blanket list of alternative destinations. Many factors will eventually influence the traveller’s final choice. This piece is about five of these factors. They are open-secret travel influencers that won’t go away in 2019, and we’ve suggested how to beat them too. Let’s get started:


One’s budget has always influenced/decided one’s holiday choices. Those with the right amount easily have choices than others who don’t. This part is for the latter group. Travelling on a budget can be tricky as there are a few costs that you just can’t avoid. Flight, accommodation, feeding and local transportation top the list of the unavoidable costs. So what do we recommend?

1. Plan around off-peak period if the destination has always been on your bucket list.

2. Book in advance.

3. Consider alternative destination – a cheaper destination offering a similar experience.

4. Use hostel – especially the ones that offer free food.

5. Go off-the-beaten-path.

All these save money if you want to travel on a budget.


For holders of some national passports, getting a visa to visit some countries is really a headache no matter how genuine the purpose of the visit is. Nigerian passport holders easily come to mind here. 2019 might not be different. It’s quite difficult to discuss visa in a post of this nature, but our recommendation is that travellers consider alternative destinations where visas are not required. If you must go for a destination requiring a visa, why not contact us directly on +2349030001895 0r [email protected], and let’s get it sorted for you.


In 2018, the Louvre Museum in Paris recorded 10.2 million visitors, up from 8.1 million recorded in 2017. The spike was influenced partly by the Carter’s (Beyonce and Jay-Z) APESHIT music video which was shot in the museum. Dan Brown’s books have always had a similar effect on travels. It’s too early to speculate which entertainers will influence travel in 2019, but there is no doubt that the entertainment world will shape travel again in 2019 and if you are a big fan of entertainment and travel, you should watch out.


Moscow and Kiev topped Google’s flight searches in 2018. The reason is obvious. The two cities hosted the men’s FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions League respectively. This year won’t be different. Sports like tennis – especially the grand slams and cricket will definitely shape people’s travel interests. In Africa, Egypt will host the African Cup of Nations in 2019. One can only speculate that Egypt will attract many travellers this year. Since the sporting calendar is already out, planning and booking ahead, for those wishing to attend them live at the venue must start now.

Social consideration

Social considerations like advice from friends and families. Security concerns, our jobs, impression got from surfing the Internet, reading travel brochures etc. and possibly specific individual interests, such as birding, orchids or wineries etc. will also influence your holiday decisions. Biggest of all will be Government policies. You might not be able to do anything about these, just bear them in mind when planning your holiday for the year.

Once you are ready for your holiday,

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