Two important questions to ask while preparing for a trip or holiday are; how do I make this memorable, and how do I save space while packing so that only the essentials make it into my bag? Nothing answers these questions better than gadgets. Some gadgets save space so you will not have to pay for excess luggage; others help make your trip and holiday memorable, while others come in handy just when you are going to be marooned. Whether you are going to a beach or you want to explore a city’s busy market; or even visiting anywhere else in Africa—remote or not, here are tips on the right gadgets that could save each day.

1. Travel VestScottevest-Fleece(pic1)

Comes with compartments where you can safely stash a tablet, your phone, chargers and other travel gear without raising alarm, this vest is just perfect for travellers. For an outfit, it looks and feels just right with comfort and style as its hallmark. As a first aid gear, the vest should be your top anti-pickpocket kit!


2. Techy Bag

In any case, you are going to need a bag for the trip whether it is a day trip or weeklong. My advice, get one that is more than just a bag. A bag that can take all your gadget without a risk of damaging or exposing them to theft. Any that stock your other needs and also provide gadget charging opportunity is usually my pick. As a best bet for any traveller, you should get one.


3. Durable Phablet



As tablets are getting smaller while smartphones are getting bigger, the new class of gadget that combines their feature are called phablets! The brands are increasing by the day, with each of them struggling to outsell the other by adding new cool features. Sincerely, it is tough to make a pick, but before getting one, I will recommend you ask the following questions: how big is it and how strong is the screen? Does it allow Wi-Fi calling, how long does the battery last, how smart is the camera, what is the quality of its video, has it a zoom capacity? Examples of these phablets would include Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, and Samsung’s S6 and S6edge among many others.


4. Strong Wireless Router

Take the world with you in a pocket-sized router; ensure the one you get is at least 2.4GHz. Here is the reason; you might run into issues connecting to your hotel’s WiFi, although the hardwired Ethernet in hotels offers a more reliable option these days; with a wireless router however, you can bet on a better option. Plug your hotel’s ethernet cable into a good router and you have your own wireless network that you can use with up to five gadgets without sharing. Some even offer charging ports for gadgets.


5. Fitness Tracker


 While on holiday or in a new place, as a traveller you will probably be exploring all there is to the city on your feet, drinking or chowing down something new in the process. One thing you may easily lose track of is how much you are exacting your body, unfortunately, that is exactly what you should not do. Get a top notch fitness tracker to take care of the tracking for you so that you can remain healthy all the way. It can track the meals you consume, tally the distance you walk, chart calories burnt each day; and keep watch over you overnight. By tracking the number of hours you sleep and how many times you woke up, it will tell you when the sleep is enough by vibrating when it’s time to wake up! It can also give you an idea of how much exercise you are getting on the road.


6. Luggage Scale



I hate to pay for excess luggage but the temptation to buy more whenever I travel especially when it costs less is always high. If you are like me, then a techy luggage scale will come handy. It is not that they cut excess luggage charges, but they tell you when enough should be enough. Get any of the handheld digital luggage scale. They are easy to use, just attach the scale to your luggage straps and lift (some may require that you tap the display) to see the weight.


7. Don’t Forget The Camera



A picture says a thousand words, how much more a video? Anyway, let the memory of your trip linger on not just in your mind but also in the minds of those who did not make the trip with you. Snap as many pictures as you can with a high quality picture producing camera that brings life to every picture produced. I will recommend any small, lightweight, premium pocket-sized digital camera with a bright 1.8 4x zoom lens, an advanced 12 Megapixel 2/3”, or any that comes with a sensor phase detection. These are known to deliver the fastest autofocus speed and are also very stylish! They are also the perfect cameras to stow in your purse or jacket and take X Series quality images and Full HD video anywhere. Then you can send them wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet to share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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