By Negin Safdari

In quarantine, vacation days seem like a relic from another era. If you’ll only be journeying from one end of your apartment to the other, why bother? Especially if you had to cancel an actual vacation — your big family camping trip, or that beach getaway with your best friends from college, or the world pastry tour you’ve been planning for months — the idea of taking a day to just stay inside right now can seem depressingly pointless.

But if you’re privileged enough to have a job that offers paid time off, it’s important that you take advantage of it, even now.

Whether or not we’re in a pandemic, people are notoriously bad at taking vacation days. According to , the average U.S. employee uses only about half of their eligible vacation time. But taking time off not only improves , but it’s also good for your career: A  revealed that those who use all or most of their earned vacation are 28% happier with their employer, and 24% happier with their job.  by the Society for Human Resource Management reported that employees who took more of their vacation days outperformed those who took less.

And with many people currently feeling taxed not only by the stress of the virus, but also by , and a lack of a clear line between home and work, taking time to reset is more critical than ever. Here’s how to make the most of a vacation day while stuck at home.

Disconnect. No, really.

If you’re taking a vacation day, you need to disconnect from your email, Slack, and all other ways that people from work can contact you. Turn your phone to Do Not Disturb mode, or tuck it away completely. Pretend you’re on an island vacation, and the only Wi-Fi available is the expensive, unreliable connection in the lobby.

Avoid checking the news and social media, too. A day sitting on your sofa while refreshing Twitter will not leave you feeling renewed.

“Pack” the night before

“Pack for what?” you’re probably asking. A  found that people experience happiness from the act of planning a vacation, even if they don’t actually take it. The anticipation was half the fun. So get yourself excited about your day off by gathering everything you need.

First, pick out what you’ll wear. If you enjoy your quarantine pajama pants, so be it. This is your vacation day. But if you’ve been feeling a little grubby lately, it might make you feel better to dress up a bit. Put on your favourite vacation outfit. Shave. Shower. Do your hair. Spray some cologne or perfume. Put on some lipstick. The idea is simply to make this day stand out from the rest in a positive way.

Next, prepare your meals. If you’ll be cooking, have your recipe and ingredients ready. If you’ll be getting delivery, choose your dishes and schedule your order in advance if you can. When your food arrives on your blessed vacation day, you’ll feel like royalty.

Create your itinerary

Think of yourself as a tour guide. Create a schedule for your day, like so:

7–10 a.m.: Sleep in. If you have kids and are raising them with a partner at home, ask them to take on the morning routine.

10–12 p.m.: Enjoy premade or preordered brunch in bed. Stream live safari, take an online tour of the Louvre or go on a .

12–1 p.m.: Turn your bathroom into a steam room. Have a nice, long shower. Light a candle. Take a bath with a .

1–3 p.m.: Read, garden, paint, take a long walk, or do something else you enjoy.

3–4 p.m.: Treat yourself to a charcuterie board with a glass of wine or a .

4–5 p.m.: Get dressed up in the outfit you’ve packed. Play tropical music as you get ready.

5–7 p.m.: Have dinner on video chat with your best friends. Make yourself a fruity drink. Cheers to making the most of a shitty situation.

7–9 p.m.: Make a  and join a .

9 p.m.: Go to bed early.

This schedule might sound like your worst nightmare. If it is, don’t use it. Create your own. Think about what sounds enjoyable to you, and do it.

Other at-home vacation ideas

1. If it’s warm where you are, order a kiddie pool. Put it in your backyard (or maybe your kitchen?) and pretend you’re at the beach.

2. If you enjoy visiting historical buildings on vacation, watch a  and learn about ancient history.

3. If you love sushi, learn how to .

4. If you miss going to the movies, .

5. Host your own with your family or on Zoom with your friends.

6. If you miss fancy restaurants, : Light a candle, dim the lights set the table with too many forks, and play your favorite album.

7. Play an old video game you haven’t thought of in years (remember RunescapeThe Sims?).

8. Practice your green thumb and .

9. Have a  or living room.

10. See if your favorite artist is doing a .

11. Consider helping your community: Run a mask drive. Sew masks and hairnets for frontline workers. Grocery shop for seniors. Write encouraging words in chalk on your driveway. Host bingo or find other ways to  at a senior home.

Ultimately, the goal is to take care of yourself and your mental health. By making a plan to disconnect and trying something new, you can  you may have been in, and feel more ready to face tomorrow.

About the Author:

Negin Safdari is a part-time freelancer & blogger, full-time implementation specialist. Passionate about communication, leadership and equality.

Credit: Forge


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