We have spun the globe this week and found ourselves in the wonderful city of Cotonou. This French city lies along the coast of the Atlantic ocean and is known for its famous Dantokpa market and large number of motorcycle riders.


Yes. Even the women ride too.


There is much to cover on this beautiful city but it is recipe Wednesday so let’s hit the order of the day.

Our dish of the day is Ewa Agoyin. Ewa is the Yoruba name for Beans and Agoyin is the name of the area and people where the dish originated from. You may also find this dish among many Lagosians in Nigeria which is just next door.

Interested? Let’s get our ingredients on the cooking table.

Cooking Time: 30 minutes

Cotonou-Nigeria Beans        Palm-oil-Recipe-Wednesday-Cotonou


2 cups of Honey or Black eyed beans

Crushed chili seeds

Dried chilled pepper

Dried red bell pepper

Quarter cup of crayfish

1 Large onion

1 Cup of Palm oil


1 tsp Salt

Crushed-chili-red-pepper-Ewa-Agoyin-Cotonou-Recipe-Wednesday                     cotonou bowl of salt

Cooking Method: To make the mashed beans, add half a litre of water and salt to the two cups of Beans and boil on medium heat.


Allow to boil until beans is soft and taking it off heat, mash the beans with a spatula.

cotonou-agoyin-beans (1)

To make the Ewa Agoyin sauce, soak the crushed chili seeds, dried chili pepper and the dried red bell pepper in water (if possible you can soak it the previous day before making the dish).


Slice three quarters of the onion and add to the chili mix.




Grind mix until semi smooth, adding water to ensure that you get the correct texture.


Put the mix to boil until dry.

While the chili mix is drying up, in a separate pot, warm up the palm oil. Do not try to bleach it so it doesn’t change the taste of the sauce.

cotonou palm oil for ewa agoyin

With the palm oil still on low heat, add the chili mix and let it fry.

cotonou ewa aqoyin sause

Dice and fry the leftover onion before adding it to the mix. Add salt and seasoning to taste and stir in the crayfish. Stir consistently for 7 – 15 minutes until sauce turns light brown.

cotonou ewa agoyin dark sauce

Served the mashed beans with the palm oil sauce on the top. To add to this dish, you can add fried plantains.

cotonou-Ewa-Agoyin-Beans-and-Sauce-(1)        cotonou fried-plantains

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