Cape Town has some of the most amazing restaurants in Africa, in this piece, Mike Alvin shares his experience at one of Cape Town’s restaurants on a dinner date with his bae…

Westin Hotel, Cape Town

After a wonderful time at V&A Waterfront, we were exhausted. Clive dropped us off at the Hotel, one of Cape Town’s 5-star hotels with exquisite facilities and nice ambience, and promised to return the next day.

The moment we got into our room, there was only one thing on our mind—sleep! And we slept all day! By the time I woke up around 6 pm, I had missed tons of phone calls. Clive had tried to reach so had my sponsors and many other friends but with time pacing towards 7 pm and my stomach crying for a refuel, returning phone calls had no place on my mind. We simply got out of bed, freshened up and stepped out for dinner—our hotel’s restaurant is great, but since we were going to be here for days, we chose to try other Cape Town restaurants.

That evening, we went on a treat to a restaurant located in a small 18th-century hunting lodge called the Roundhouse. Surrounded by a cool woodland glen with views of the ocean glittering far below, Roundhouse restaurant turned out to be such a perfect romantic location for fine-dining.

We arrived and had a table outside. Our order: the 8-course tasting menu, came at a reasonable pace with our favourites. I particularly enjoyed the wine pairing, the ostrich, the ox tongue, kingklip and the desserts. A little truth: though my taste bud leapt with joy, my wallet felt like a grenade exploded in it.

Aside from the menu, another interesting thing about Roundhouse restaurant is its location, the enchanting views from its elevated position and the charm of the unique building which created an ambience of traditional calm.

Without a doubt, I knew bae was delighted. “I hope you won’t be sneaking here with those massive behind SA babes each time you visit Cape Town,” she asked. Even the driver couldn’t resist chuckling at the question. I calmly laughed it off and we enjoyed a gentle ride around town, touring the famous Long Street for a quick glance at nightclub options.

Long Street, Cape Town |By Jorge Láscar

We returned to the hotel hoping to step out much later for a long night at a club, but that never happened. Once in our room, I flipped open my laptop to attend to my emails while bae freshened up to prepare for the night out. I was still punching the key when a sweet smell wafted across the room. “that’s a nice perfume” I said, thinking bae was still in the bathroom. As I took my eyes off the laptop, however, there she was dressed in a cute lingerie!

I was transfixed by her standing there looking so immaculate. Pushing the laptop aside, I stood up and moved towards her. “You’re so beautiful,” I whispered as I put my hands around her waist and gently pulled her closer. Then we had our first kiss; kisses and more kisses as I gently felt the wall for the light switch, the room in pitch darkness as I flicked it off just like the end of an awesome show… it was a curtain call.




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