Few places on earth evoke emotions and feelings of awe like Zanzibar. From the pristine beaches to the unspoilt coral reefs and exotic food, the spice islands of Zanzibar offers the perfect holiday experience for travellers the world over. Either it’s a simple barefoot luxury lodge or a luxury beach hotel, the island has a wide range of options to fit your budget, style and taste. Below is a collection of some of Zanzibar’s best hotels. This shortlist is based on customer feedback and reviews.

Zanzi Resort


This is a paradise in every sense of the word. The resort has 7 gorgeous, spacious and perfectly equipped villas, each with a private garden and perfect temperature swimming pool on the cliff edged to the shore. If requested, guests can have private access to the beach for long swims in the glass clear sea. Aside the very friendly and polite staff which are very efficient in attending to guests, the resort’s gardens, villas, and dining rooms are very beautiful, clean and quiet. The food is great as well and the chefs have a habit of surprising guests with different delicious menu each night.



Chumbe Island Coral Park



Looking for a magical getaway location with beautiful coral gardens and mouth-watering cuisine? Come to Chumbe Island. Interestingly, all seven eco bungalows on this island possess stunning architectural designs equipped with compost toilet and comfortable king size orthopaedic mattress. The serene and peaceful atmosphere provides a perfect hub for snorkelling, swimming, sunset watching and relaxation. However, if you are looking for a place where you can watch over 200 TV channels and a heated pool, you are in the wrong place.



Baraza Resort & Spa


One unique quality of this resort is the speed and ease with which visitors and guests are checked in to their rooms. It’s amazing. Also, the resort’s spacious and comfy beds are out of this world as well as the fantastic experience of the Spa and the Sunrise Yoga at the beach. If you are traveling with kids, the resort has a ‘Kids Club’ area where kids can spend the entire day at the pool without being bored. The staff is very nice and attentive while the food, drinks and desserts are surprisingly affordable. Guests also won’t forget in a hurry the beautiful decorations that adorn the resort, especially the Arabian themed designs and colours.



The Residence Zanzibar


This is a beautiful five star resort remotely located down south which gives it a measure of exclusivity and privacy. This magnificent property has tastefully furnished interior and exterior with private splash pools. The beach is pristine and white with lovely soft sand. The tide is huge but when it’s in, the water could be very calm and warm. The water section allows guest to do some kayaking and the Spa offers some of the best massage services as all the right spots will be hit within the 90-minute experience.


The chefs are always at their best, conjuring up various recipes and delivering meals three times a day and buffet on weekends. The staff here is very friendly and always ready to help. The resort also provides a great selection of TV channels on huge plasma screens, free Wi-Fi, beautiful bathroom amenities and very comfortable beds. What more can you ask for!


There you have it. These are some of Zanzibar’s finest hotels, of course there are tons more but these got all the ticks with repeat visitors, guests and tourists and I must add for all the right reasons too. Go ahead and visit one of these on your next trip to the beautiful island.


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