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What makes travelling a good experience? What is it that makes you fall in love with the city you visit? Is it the food, the culture, the people, or the places? Not really. In reality, it is the experiences, memories, and stories you bring back with you, and the best ones usually take place over a drink.

While travelling, drinking is never about the glass in front of you. Instead, it is about how that one glass makes you feel, the experiences you want to be a part of, and all the love, history, culture, and stories filled up in one glass. It is the people and the place that makes the adventure memorable. This article talks about various locations around the world that not only consider drinking as a normal part of life but also offer multiple drinks that will blow your mind.

1.    MÉXICO – Paloma, Micheladas, and Champurrados

Paloma is a delightful cocktail made with a base of tequila. Grapefruit soda is the best suited for the flavour, but it can be replaced with lime juice. This yummy cocktail is one of the most popular drinks in Mexico, and you will get tipsy without even realizing it.

Micheladas and Campurrados are two of the best drinks offered in Mexico. They can get you drunk in a delicious way before lunchtime. Micheladas are similar to bloody mary with a twist (beer on the rocks). Champurrados is a Mexican hot chocolate infused with hard liquor and tastes terrific with churros.

You can also have non-alcoholic beverages at the barn parties held during the milking time, known as ‘El Pajaretes.’ At around, people gather to mix coffee, chocolate, sugar cane, or whatever they want to the cow’s fresh milk. You can also make it alcoholic by adding liquor to the glass. Enjoy the experience of making your healthy drink— a completely natural experience for all nature lovers.

2.  GERMANY – Beer

If you have an immense love for beer and it is your go-to drink, Germany is for you.  You can have a cheap beer anywhere in the country during the day and have a word to describe it.  ‘Frühschoppen ‘ is the word you need to learn before visiting the country because it will come handy. Most of the bars open by 11 a.m for all the day-drinkers.

Munich also has an Oktoberfestdedicated to the elite Bavaria beer by local breweries. It celebrates stories, experiences, friendships, culture, and, most notably, good beer. There are around 100,000 seats for the millions of people that come every year.

Add Germany to the list of places you want to visit after the pandemic if your idea of a pleasant vacation is a good company, tons of excellent beer, and beautiful views.


These countries are beautiful, aesthetic countries and the land of some of the world’s best wines. Dry red wine is a popular drink in France. Pinot Noir, Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot, to name a few, are some of the finest dry red wines in France.

You can have a wine tasting in a vineyard in the countryside or have a glass with your meal at any city restaurant. To have the best experience of solo drinking, you should visit Bugey. And if you want to experience the essence of winemaking, then you should visit Provence for some world-famous picturesque vineyards.

Wine is an art, and France is the artist. A highly recommended place for wine lovers by a fellow wine lover.

4.  COLOMBIA – Hot Chocolate, and Guaro

This one is for all the non-drinkers. The infamous Colombian hot chocolate is not just a combination of milk and chocolate. Instead, gooey cheese is the twist factor. The cheese gets dipped in the hot chocolate, and you have to wait for it to melt. Drink (or eat) it up as soon as it melts and enjoy all the tasty flavours together in your mouth.

Guaro or aguardiente is the national drink of Colombia. Sugarcane gets churned to make the alcohol, and aniseed is the prominent flavour. Guaro has an alcohol percentage of approximately 29%, and no Colombian celebration is complete without this drink. The simple exoticness of this Colombian beverage will make you fall in love with the place.

5.  BRAZIL – Caipirinhas

Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail. This cocktail’s essential ingredients are lime juice, sugarcane-based alcohol called ‘cachaca,’ and sugar — a lot of sugar. All the health freaks must ignore the ingredients to enjoy this alcohol thoroughly. Another popular variation of this drink involves adding various fruits such as mango, kiwi, etc. You can also replace cachaca with vodka to make ‘Caipiroska.’

It would be best if you went to Copacabana’s beachside ‘kioscos’ with a glass of these exceptional tropical drinks to make the most of your time in Brazil. You can also visit ‘Bar do David’ to feel the country’s essence with almost 200 varieties of cachaca.

6.  IRELAND – Guinness and Irish Coffee

One of the world’s most popular talked-about drinks is the black Guinness. Two of the key ingredients of this drink is a particular type of yeast and roasted barley. Some of the alcohol lovers visit Ireland solely to have a glass of this alcohol giant from the Guinness storehouse at St. James’s Gate Brewery, Dublin. Almost 20 million people have gone to this place since it opened in 2000. You can get a variety of Guinness products here, including the giant pint. The best way to relish this beverage is to go to the top floor and sip the drink with Dublin’s panoramic view.

Another famous Irish drink is Irish coffee. Irish coffee is well-known among the day-drinking community. Several bars in Ireland open around 10:30 a.m for these early risers. This Irish coffee won’t get you drunk in one glass, but if you are looking for something to lighten up your day and give you a kick start, then this is it.

You should visit the Kehoes pub if you ever go to Dublin. Not only will you get great alcohol there but also an experience to remember, epic stories to tell, hospitable company, a lot of laughter, and nothing but happy memories to cherish with the want of revisiting the country.

Drinking in a foreign company is a thrilling adventure that every traveller should experience. You get to explore new beverages, meet cool people, and make millions of memories. Always stick to the three main drinking rules in foreign places; eat before you drink, choose your company carefully, and live in the moment, and you will have a great time. Wherever you go, leave all your worries on the glass in front of you and explore the real feeling of being free.


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