For many, ‘love don’t cost a thing’, but for others it costs much more. They would break a bank, swim seven rivers and scale seven mountains just to win the heart of their beloved. As the season of love beckons, we all face tough choices when it comes to selecting the best of gifts for the ones we love. For the ladies who’d love to surprise their men, here are eleven irresistible gift ideas that will make him fall in love with you over and over again.


Barbecue Briefcase


This lovely portable grill factory is the perfect enabler for any meat barbecue such as chicken pieces, beef slices, sausages, turkey etc.


Comfy Boxers


A lovely pair of comfortable 100 percent cotton boxers will surely remind him of your affection. Finding out his favourite colour is something he’ll surely appreciate.


Collar Stays



If your man is a clergy or one who spends the better part of his day suited up, then these stainless steel collar makes a lot of sense. You might want to engrave them with your initials, a special message or an anniversary date. So when he’s probably working late or on a trip out of town, this will serve as a subtle reminder of your love for him.

Shaving Kit

Shaving Kit

This handy shaving kit is not only customized with sweet words but has a water-repellent interior as well as a rugged canvas and nylon exterior.


Men’s Socks


You can never go wrong with a beautiful pair of cotton socks. Either for business or pleasure, be sure to choose his favourite colours as well as design patterns that will complement his attire.




A classy set of silver cufflinks like this will leave your man feeling like he owns the Pyramids of Egypt. Or don’t you think so?


Personalized Club Jersey Mug

Personalized Club Jersey Mug

Picture him sipping his favourite beverage in this stylish, durable mug of his favourite soccer club. You’ll be smitten.


Self-stirring Mug

Self stirring Mug

It’s often said that men are like babies… Right? So this self-stirring mug is a great idea for ladies who’d love to pamper and indulge their men. Trust us; he’ll adore you for this.


Power Bank

Power Bank

Every man needs this indispensable tool to keep his devices charged up all day long. It’s a great companion that won’t compete with you for his attention.


Heated Back and Seat Massage

Heated back and seat massager

This lovely item is a great gift for men that spend long hours on their seats at work. The heated back and seat massager is designed to relieve weary muscles and will quickly soothe away any aches and pains.




If your man is the type who adores intellectual brain-wracking, then the Sudokube is a great little brain teaser gift he’ll surely love. The idea of the puzzle game is to get the numbers 1 – 9 on each side of the cube. It’s simply amazing!


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