A beguiling playground, laced with serene ambience, Atlantic breeze and suave toys, Lagos’ Omu Resorts is a perfect flip from a life of drudgery – especially if you are a 5 am to 6 pm worker with a family in Lagos. I have been there a few times and the experience is something I always look forward to. The resort is not your usual place. You’ll be shocked to know that it doesn’t presently offer accommodation – so at best you’ll go there on daycation, but I bet you’ll wish you could freeze time when you get there.

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Its main attraction is the buffet of activities it offers at a very affordable price – because I went with a team on a tour packaged by Afro Tourism, I even paid far less. Here is even the big catch: while many other similar facilities offer a few activities at individual prices, Omu Resort gives you everything –depending on your choice, at a flat fee with almost no restrictions so you are free to spend all day there busy with one activity or the other, or just lazing on a spot drinking –you’ll have to bring the drink by yourself though, and gisting away with friends.

Here is a caveat though, Omu Resort is quite removed from the main busy areas of Lagos – commuting from Lagos mainland to the destination takes about two hours or more, depending on traffic. This is why we transferred the cost of logistics: food, transportation, ticket negotiation, etc., to Afro Tourism and simply concentrated on having fun when I last visited.

But the location justifies its price as it provides visitors with large enough space to have amazing fun – take the purpose-built race track, for instance, it allows enough room for friends to compete using the different array of karts available at the resort.

You probably know about the 21 attractions available at the site already: a zoo consisting animals ranging from a lion, hyenas, giraffes, ostriches, etc., quad biking, kayaking, go-carting, sea world, a water park, blade skating, paintballing, amongst others… but don’t be in a hurry to dive in whenever you visit. Just like you take an appetizer and follow up the routine before reaching the desert, take time also to sip up the experiences at Omu Resort in layers beginning with the indoor ones: SeaWorld aquarium, snooker and table tennis, wax museum, etc.

Having been there a couple of times, I can safely say it’s best not to go alone: go with friends and you’ll surely have a memorable time – whether you plan to or not…!

And if you are excited about having a different kind of experience this weekend, why not join Afro Tourism as we explore Omu Resort together.

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