The festivities will soon be over, and life will shift back to the normal schedule. But, do you want 2020 to be like 2019, or are there some aspects of your life that you would like to change?

 History of New Year’s Day Celebration

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All celebrations have a history, including New Year’s day. In the old days, dates were hard to determine since there were no calendars. It is believed that New Year was celebrated as early as 4,000 years ago by the Babylonians. They marked the beginning of the year on the onset of the spring season (this is around March in the modern calendar).

Romans came up with the calendars that are in use today. The month of January originated from the Roman two-faced god, god Janus. The two heads of this god faced opposite directions, one head faced forward while the other faced backward. The calendar went through a series of changes as different emperors came and went. The Roman Senate dictated that New Year should be celebrated on 1st January. This declaration happened in 153 B.C.  Julius Caesar, who took the Roman throne in 49 B.C saw the calendar changed so that January falls exactly where it is today. Julius Caesar started the tradition of New Year’s resolutions. Traditionally New Year’s resolutions were all about improving morals.


What is a New Year Resolution?

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Simply put, a New Year resolution is a goal you want to accomplish in the coming year. It may be a habit you want to break or something you want to buy or a job position you want to earn. A New Year resolution is in most cases something positive.

For children, New Year resolutions do not make a lot of sense since most decisions in their lives are made for them. But for adults, there must be that thing you want to change or accomplish by the end of the coming year.


Why most New Year resolutions are not achieved

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Every sane person makes New Year’s resolutions. However, over 90% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Most of these resolutions are about habit changes. It has never been easy to change a habit. However, you can change this habit of not accomplishing goals from next year. You can accomplish your resolutions; you only need to know how to accomplish your goals. The following are the main reasons New Year’s resolutions fail and how to deal with them.


  • Trying to change all habits

Changing everything at the same time is impossible. Pick on a few habits. If possible, begin with changing one habit, for example, smoking. If you try quitting smoking and drinking at the same time, there are high chances you will find yourself at the same point you started at the end of the year. However, small habits such us flossing teeth, greeting your family and complementing your partner can be combined. Huge habitual changes such as working out and quitting drugs require patience and discipline. Make one change at a time. When the change becomes routine, proceed to the next one.


  • Resolving to start very big habits

When you resolve to start on a big habit, you will be in the same place at the end of the year. Start small with realistic habits. For example, if you want to start working out, begin with small workout sessions. When you aim for something like 50 push-ups in one session, you will give up before the end of the week. Start with ten pushups. As you get used to working out, you will find it comfortable to increase the number.


  • Not changing the environment

Your environment influences your habits. If you want to stop smoking, you have to stop hanging out with friends who smoke. If your resolution is to start eating healthy, what business do you have being in a fast-food restaurant? Let’s face it; the environment influences our behaviours and habits we find ourselves. If you want to change, change your environment and find an environment that will promote the change you want.


Top New Year’s resolutions


Most people have similar New Year’s resolutions, mainly because human beings have common problems such as wasting money, smoking, and too much weight. Some of the common New Year’s resolutions human beings make include;

  • Stop smoking; so many people smoke yet they hate it. Smoking causes a multitude of health complications including cancer.
  • Quit alcohol; alcohol wastes time and has adverse effects on health in the long term.
  • Save more money; the idea of some extra money in the bank is satisfying.
  • Help the needy; the feeling one gets after putting a smile on some one’s face is priceless.
  • Increase family time; this is a common resolution in the professional world.
  • Healthy eating; this is probably the hardest to observe, but it appears in most people’s wish-lists.
  • Working out; everyone wants to shed that extra fat, it is conventional that slim figure is appealing.

So go ahead and make those resolutions. However, do not lie to yourself, set realistic ones.

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