By Jessica Smith

It is everyone’s dream to travel all over the world. What makes travelling so exciting and fun is the novelty that it brings to a person’s life. At times, we go because we want a change of environment and at times we are looking for exploration. Each vacation always comes with its unique memories. After you travel, you want to look at the photos and be nostalgic about precise times and events. Here are some of the fantastic tips to make your travel memorable.

1. Open Your Mind

When you are deciding to take a vacation, stay open to different ways of thinking as well as new cultures. There are lots of experiences to enjoy when you are open to learning new things and embracing new occurrences. Learn not to be judgmental or harmful if you find something confronting or that you do not agree with when you go somewhere. Instead, open your mind to understand better.

2. Listen to Your Heart

When you are selecting your vacation destination, learn to choose things that appeal, and attract you. Never make the mistake of visiting a place based on people’s reviews or some online ranking. One thing that most people fail to understand is that vacations are never about visiting the most popular sites. Therefore, the purpose to visit a place should be to explore and enjoy. For example, if you have always admired the Indian culture, you can decide to visit various sites in India that will help you to understand this culture better. It will be unrealistic to visit a beach if you are not comfortable with such places.

3. Plan Well

We always mistake spontaneity to complete disorganization and think that it will offer excitement and adventure to our travel style. Travelling to a destination that you know little or nothing about will only result in disappointment and frustration. It is crucial to plan well in advance while being careful not to let your plans limit your possibilities. It is imperative to stay open and flexible to change your plans, but still, create an itinerary in advance and try to stick to it for the sake of money and time. Before planning a trip, get to your laptop and Google the destination, including the people, the cities, the weather, the culture, food and famous places. You will have a feel of the place and be comfortable when you already have some background information concerning it.  According to one study, user-generated content by other tourists can help you to learn more about a place before visiting.

4. Embrace the Culture of the Place


Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Dining Time Photo by Bruce Mars

Once you have undertaken comprehensive research, the purpose to emulate some of the behaviours. When you are in a new place, behave like a local. There is no disputing that posh restaurants and expensive taxis sound like a good and safe place. However, try to eat the local meal at a local restaurant and utilize public transportation. Instead of looking for a place that offers your home food, get out of your comfort zone, and try the local cuisine. For instance, you can go for a bottle of Weller bourbon along with local cuisine to make it memorable. By doing this, you will be creating unforgettable memories.

5. Avoid Travelling in Peak Season

Crowded Beach Holiday Photo by SHAHBAZ AKRAM

We all love to visit places during the peak season. However, the peak season comes with expensive accommodations and streets full of tourists. If you want to make your travel memorable, go during the off-season to experience the local culture. Moreover, the best time to meet with the locals and hang out with them is during the off-season. The staff in restaurants and hotels are more welcoming and relaxed in the off-season.

6. Put Down Your Phone and Camera

Put Down the Camera Photo by Elle Hughes

It is very tempting to take photos of each and everything that you see. However, it is not a must that you fill your social media with pictures while wasting the precious little time that you have on your vacation. Try to minimize your phone use and enjoy the moment. You can even go on aeroplane mode to avoid distracting calls and temptations to check social media.

7. Keep a Travel Journal

One of the easiest ways to make memories is by keeping a travel journal. Going on vacation offers you some peaceful time to write down your feelings and thoughts. No matter the length of the trip, travelling is the best time to make lifelong memories. Record the whole experience, including your emotions, whether you were happy or overwhelmed.

8. Explore Unknown Places

When you visit a new place, explore unknown places to make your trip memorable. Do not tie yourself to the top 5 tourist attraction sites. Try to check out some unknown places, and you may find your total experience there.


Most of us end up having a boring trip due to a lack of research and planning. Before travelling, ensure that you do your research well and know what to expect. However, also try to accept anything by going off the itinerary only a little to open space for possibilities while at the same time staying under your budget and time limit. If you are planning a trip today, ensure that you follow the above tips to make your travel memorable.


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