By Rebecca Siggers

Your partner deserves your utmost time and priority. In a world of wake-up-to-the-daily-stressful routines, every individual needs a break to escape to a beautiful corner of the world with their loved one. There is no specific season of showing love so, you can travel to any town whenever your partner is ready to go or demands for it! In this article, you will find the eight dreamiest destinations in the world that you will wish to visit with your partner. Drive through the madness of each place and decide where you will take your partner for a romantic break!

  1. Bali in Indonesia

I am sure your family must have suggested you go to Bali for your honeymoon! Unquestionably, Bali is the best place for you and your partner to share love and experience elegance. You can book a private island in Bali and extend your stay to experience its erotic vibe. The sun-kissed beaches, the blue sea waters, the resorts, the spas and lagoons, the restaurants and bars, and the charming character of nature won’t make your mind leave the place at all. You can utterly enjoy the beauty of waterfalls or go shopping with your beloved in the flea markets of Bali!

  1. Bangkok in Thailand

Another destination after Bali that is a hot favourite among the honeymooners is Bangkok, in Thailand. There are plenty of temples in the city to make your love holy and divine. You can cruise around the town to explore its beauty and enjoy the feeling of awesomeness with your partner. The street food in Thailand is famous across the globe. You can try eating them or have some culinary experiences in some of the fabulous dining places with multi cuisines. You can learn about the history of the country by visiting its historical landmarks and also relax by having fun at the Thai Spa and Massage!

  1. New York City in the USA

Renowned as a business behemoth, New York has a lot of lovely places for couples too! The metropolis’ beauty comes alive in the autumn with the changing colours of streets full of fallen leaves. The central park has many options for couples. You can stroll in the park holding the hand of your partner. You can see the beautiful bridges and feel the serene river. Let me tell you that New York has a charismatic nightlife. You can booze all night after having a candlelight dinner with your beloved and welcome the morning with gentle pleasure.

  1. Easter Island in Chile

Natively named Rapa Nui, Easter Island is the island with volcanoes in its abdomen in Polynesia. The town is famed for its Moai. It is none other than those 900 statues carved out by the tribesmen that are on the seaside nestling the pedestals known as ahus. At sunset, you can see spectacular shades of sky through the eyes of these statues! The island has foggy forests, grass fields, volcano craters, white-sand beaches, and seaside cliffs. If you and your partner are equally adventurous, you can get busy in Zip-lining, trekking, cave snorkelling, hiking, and horseback riding on the island.

  1. Munnar, Kerala in India

Kerala is excellently named ‘God’s Own Country,’ and that too is because of its feature of giving wild card entry to paradise! Munnar in Kerala has the best climate from October till March for couples to come and enjoy. You can spend time riding the elephants. You can stay at the backwater resorts or try out an exciting rooftop tent stay that would make your travel more exciting. You will remain spellbound by the greenly covered mountains and its admiring beauty. The surreal Attukad waterfalls and Marayoor sandalwood forests are something you shouldn’t miss. Munnar gives a flawless boost to your romantic life!

  1. Singapore in Asia

The tropical island in the Southern Malaysian State Territory is a spectacular spot to strike for a dreamy getaway! The impeccable Gardens by the Bay, Sands expo & convention centre, Sentosa island, Merlion statue, Universal studios, and many other landmarks of the country will make your partner fall in love with you again at once after seeing them all. You can take your partner to the gloriously giant shopping malls on Orchard Road, or meet the designers in the chic boutiques in Kampong Glam. You won’t get disappointed in picking up Singapore for your tender trip purpose – I guarantee that!

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  1. Bora Bora in France

The Island of Bora Bora is small, yet its activity offers are colossal. The captivating white-sand beaches invite you to swim or scuba dive for once. You can meet the fishes in the reef or corals and be thrilled by the experience for a lifetime. Shark feeding thrills, Turquoise Lagoon encircling by ferryboats, underwater snorkelling among others will make you and your partner enjoy the passion of this island. You can book a dinner on the beach or see the views with your meal from 2,300 feet-height Mount Otemanu! Whatever you do in Bora Bora, the incredible grace of the island never bores anyone!

  1. Santorini in Greece

One of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea, Santorini, is a mish-mash of everything in blue and white. The cubiform houses of Santorini show the blue and white pastels over the cliffs on the caldera and give eye-splashing views of blue waters endlessly. Akrotiri is the ash arrangement exhibiting the Minoan life, and ruins of the Ancient Thera dramatically lie on three sides, presenting the historical significance of Santorini. Perfect for the newlyweds and popular amidst the couples, Santorini is a pure package of fresh food and pretty places. You should definitely tour this dreamy destination!

Thus, it makes a clear sense that the world is full of romantic getaways wherever you go. Choose any one of these eight most dreamy destinations and hit it with your partner.

Tell me if there is anything I left behind to make your trip romantic!


About the author: Rebecca Siggers has been closely studying the travel industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current travel trends and also likes to write about food and beverages, particularly wine.


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