Going to Kenya and wondering what’s there to do? In this piece, I will show you why millions of guests come here annually on their holiday. Hopefully, you’ll see why our country is such an amazing place to visit and why it should be on your bucket list:

1. Summit the Mount Kenya


You’ll need to be fit to face this task, I bet hundreds of people only come halfway, admire the awe-inspiring views and set off to another amazing site. If you truly are up to the task, you should put this mountain under your feet in five days. Our Mount Kenya is Africa’s highest peak at just over 17,000 feet (3,800 meters)…lol, well it’s second only to the Snowy Mouth Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

2. Watch the Great Migration

This is another showpiece we share with Tanzania. Unlike the Mountains, the migration is like a Ping-Pong in which millions of wildebeest, giraffe zebras, etc, make hoofbeat as they thunder through Masai Mara National Reserve between July and October to the Serengeti Plains and back. This annual showpiece is highlighted by the sheer number of the wildlife involved and the dramatic involvement of predators en route.

3. Enjoy amazing beach holiday at Diani

Diani is just as good as it gets when you think of a beach-going experience in East Africa. Soak up the golden sunshine, the jaded coloured waters of the sea, and the powdery white sand of Diani, and get into its amazing water sports, including Kitesurfing, skydiving, snorkelling, jet-skiing, etc, as you enjoy a beach-holiday like never before. There are trendy beachfront bars and restaurants, it’s our offer to you for coming around, so enjoy yourself to the fullest.

4. Scuba or snorkel the Indian Ocean

We also have an amazing underwater life that you should see. Rent the Scuba or snorkel gears and tuck down at the bottom end of our coast to see how we have provided a safe haven for whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and hundreds of different species of tropical fish, and coral. You can Scuba and snorkel in Diani, Tiwi or Shimoni, just ensure you do so between August and March when the sea is smoother.

5. Bird lover’s paradise at Lake Nakaru


Lake Nakaru in the Great Rift Valley is our nature’s version of “Pretty in Pink” thanks to the photogenic touch that the millions of pink flamingos who frequent the lake bring with them.  There are over 240 species of birds in the area, but you can’t miss the flamingoes because of their sheer number and colour. Oh, I should add that Rhinos and lions among others also call the national park that surrounds the lake their home, so prepare for a safari when you visit.

6. Sail in traditional Dhows at Sunset

The traditional dhow is a lateen-rigged sailing vessel that was the predominant means of transportation in East Africa and the middle east centuries ago. The dhows are almost extinct, but we still have a few of them, with experienced sailors offering them to tourists as a throwback to the golden age of Swahili culture. You’ll find many of them in Lamu. Grab the chance to sail on the dhows before they are no more.

7. Dance the night away

Nairobi has a thriving nightlife that is unrivalled across the continent. Visit the Westlands neighbourhood and nearby Waiki Way in the city’s northwest and you’ll be spoiled for choice among modern bars, clubs and cocktail lounges where you could dance the night away with other fun-loving souls.


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