By Lidia Staron

Africa is becoming a popular location for destination weddings. From its breathtaking views to the beautiful weather, turquoise waters, sandy beaches and lagoons, lush landscapes, the sheer diversity, and affordable travel and wedding rates – there are so many reasons why Africa is the best place to celebrate your wedding.

You only become a bride or groom (hopefully) once. So it makes sense to make your wedding beautiful and memorable. If you’re thinking of going out of the country to celebrate this momentous occasion, Africa is a great destination to consider.

Here are the top reasons why:

It’s Home to Some of The World’s Most Breathtaking Views

Whatever you fancy – beach wedding, garden wedding, or traditional church wedding – you will certainly find the best location in Africa that suits your taste. Among the most popular destinations for weddings are:

  • Zanzibar, Tanzania – perfect for beach weddings. This place is known for its picturesque beaches, turquoise waters, historic buildings, and stunning architecture.
  • Mauritius – the island is home to the rarest species of birds alive, sapphire-blue waters, and one-of-a-kind culinary experience.
  • Cape Verde – has the bluest waters and whitest sands.
  • Victoria Falls – listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, you don’t need decorations for your wedding. The beautiful waterfall is your perfect backdrop.
  • Egypt – the Red Sea is one of the most romantic wedding destinations with its beautiful beaches, lagoons, and coral reefs.

The Cost is Low

Many couples go to Europe to tie the knot. It’s a beautiful place, no question at all. But if you’re concerned about the cost, you should consider Africa. The country boasts of a different wedding experience at a price that will suit your budget. From hotels to receptions, suppliers, and catering – everything is affordable in Africa. You won’t break your bank trying to achieve the best wedding in Africa. After all, there are low-interest personal loans for a wedding that can help cover small expenses. Even if you choose a high-end venue or hire top chefs, photographers, wedding planners, and entertainers, if you put their prices on the current exchange rate, Africa will get more bang for your foreign buck.

Food is One of The Best

Food at an African Wedding | Photo by Elegance Thika

If you haven’t had a taste of the world-famous South African cuisine yet, you are missing half of your life! No exaggeration here. Just plain fact. When you sit down for a meal at a wedding in Africa, expect to taste great dishes made from the freshest local ingredients. Don’t forget to serve some of the most popular local African foods at your wedding, such as the Cape Malay curry, Braai, and Malva pudding.

Wedding Traditions are Mesmerizing

While you can always have the wedding you like, you can also try a traditional African wedding. The country has some of the coolest wedding traditions, such as knocking on the door of the bride’s home, pouring alcohol or even holy water on the ground, jumping the broom, and crossing sticks. You can even have an elaborate African wedding or an intimate celebration with the breathtaking views in the background.

There is an International Language that Everyone Speaks

Language can sometimes be a challenge in an international setting. However, when you set out to hold your wedding anywhere in Africa, I can bet you’ll find somewhere and someone who speaks just the Language you can relate with. In many African countries, such as South Africa, English is an official language. French is also popular in West, Central and North Africa, and Spanish is the official language, Portuguese is used in Mozambique while Ethiopians and other African nationals are already getting familiar with Chinese. This means you can coordinate with vendors without worrying about the language barrier.

You Can Have Your Wedding and Honeymoon There

Africa is already a popular destination for honeymoons, which means you need not worry about flying to another country after your wedding. There are so many beautiful spots to explore in this country, including Namibia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Seychelles, and Zambia.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to pack your bags and fly to Africa where you could have the best wedding celebration you could ever dream of.


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