Friendly people

If the stunning scenery lures you to Mauritius, then the people undoubtedly make you stay, the wonderful hospitality coming from a genuine desire to make you feel welcome, not just because you have something to give in return. The infectious smiles and a sense of warmth will stay with you long after you have departed.

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The beaches in Mauritius are a sight to behold. Representing the pure essence of a tropical beach holiday, from the calm lagoon waters, to the silvery sands that feel like powder to the touch. In short, there is a very good reason why Mauritius’ beaches are regularly mentioned in the same breath as the ‘world’s best’.

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Cosmopolitan cuisine

Prior to independence, Mauritius was disputed between the French and the English, influences that colour the country to this day. Furthermore, a Chinese, Indian and African diaspora adds to the cosmopolitan population, a fact best represented in the cuisine, which is an intriguing blend of specialities, from fragrant curry’s, to delicate patisserie cakes. In fact, you could describe these local delicacies as surprisingly international…

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Back to nature

With more than 700 species of indigenous plant and thriving marine life along the coral reef, Mauritius is an outstanding natural habitat for flora and wildlife.

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Treasured memories

Few places in the world can match Mauritius holidays for beauty and romance, which is why it is a perfect choice to enjoy a holiday-for-two, a honeymoon, or even a wedding. Many hotels provide services to make such a trip just that bit more memorable, while Mauritius, with its incredible backdrop, provides the rest.

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