How do you describe a collection of beautiful islands with untamed natural beauty? Gorgeous? Beautiful? Stunning?… Yes!!! Stunning it is. Ladies and gentlemen, Karibu (Welcome) to the Union of the Comoros, a French island nation located at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel, off Africa’s east coast. The four stunning islands of Comoros are perfect definitions of utopia and Nirvana.

Looking to go somewhere different, adventurous and off the beaten path? Comoros is the way to go.

Here are five irresistible reasons to go vacationing in Comoros this summer. You can thank us later.

Clear Water Diving


Enjoy amazing diving in the clear waters of Comoros. Galawa Beach on Grande Comore, Nioumachoua beach on Mohéli and the Mayotte beach present some of the islands best diving opportunities. The coral reef is home to many exotic fish species, adding colour to the whole experience.


Native Wildlife

Turtle-Laying-Eggs2 Turtle-Laying-Eggs

Well, it isn’t as dangerous as it sounds. Wildlife in Comoros is simply beautiful. All you need to arm yourself with when stepping out into the ‘wild’ is your camera. Get set to capture priceless pictures of over sixteen bird species, insects, as well as green turtles laying eggs. The marine reserve on the southern side of Mohéli is a perfect destination to see them. You’ll enjoy every bit of it.





Anjouan island is one of the four islands in the Comoros archipelago. As you walk along the streets, you’ll be treated to the best of Swahili architecture, especially its beautifully carved seventeenth-century doors, and homes. What’s more, the plush vegetation and magnificent waterfalls are patiently waiting to ‘blow you away.’ Trust us, it’s better experienced than imagined.


Comoros Folk Dancing


Despite the conservative perspective from which the world views Comoros, the people parade some of the best folk dancers in Africa, thanks to its rich cultural tradition and customs that has endured over the ages. Travelers and holiday makers will be thrilled at the spectacular sights of these ceremonies throughout the island. It is, however, more pronounced in Istandra and Mistaiouli.




perfumecomoros1 comoroscolors1

Did you know that Comoros’s largest export is perfume essences and the fragrant spices? Yes, this is what makes the island truly unique from its neighbors. Top of the perfume variety list is the aromatic and sweet-smelling vanilla, cloves and ylang-ylang flavours. Vacationers can even approach any of the locals to produce perfumes. One can even go on a tour to any of the perfume distilleries where the essential oils are processed. It’s a striking experience that stays with you for a long time to come.

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