Lagos is truly a beautiful and vibrant city with a lot of side attractions. The most stunning thing about this city is that it is not as expensive as it seems. There are still plenty of fun things to do around the city that won’t break the bank. With less than 2000 Naira you can get lost in fun in Nigeria’s largest urban city. We’re sure you are wondering how this is possible.

Well, we think having fun does not need to cost you an arm or leg. With that in mind, we present to you 20 fun things to do in Lagos under 2000 Naira. All you need to do is to get out there and have fun! Less money, more fun!


1. Get Liberated At Freedom Park

Freedom park

Freedom Park is where fun lives! This is a park that is filled with an open air stage, museum, amphitheatre and Wole Soyinka Gallery. Most of the events that take place here are fee but the entrance fee is N200. The food and drinks at the park are reasonably priced.


2. Dance ‘Shoki’ at the New Afrika Shrine

Cultural Display at New Afrika Shrine

The New Afrika Shrine is an entertainment sanctuary, a place to catch real fun. The famous kids of Fela have transformed this place to be an attraction centre. You can visit the shrine on Thursday night for a free show with Femi Kuti. Similarly, on the last Saturdays of the month, Seun Kuti, the last of the Fela’s boys does his thing on stage. You can get a drink for less than N2000 here and enjoy the afrobeat music.


3. Go Window Shopping at Ikeja Shopping Mall

Mr Biggs Ikeja Shopping Mall

There is no need to be intimidated with the fancy products displaced around the Ikeja Shopping Mall. You can come over here and enjoy the aesthetics that come with these magnificent malls and galleries. There are lots of places to visit in this shopping mall ; the 5-screen Silverbird Cinemas, Shoprite Supermarket, Mr Price, Apple, restaurants, Rhapsody, Barcelós, beauty shops/salons, banks and many more. You can go round, window shop at the stores and then settle down for a meal and drink which is sold for less than N2000 at Mr Biggs restaurant located in the mall.


4. Forget Your Worries With Box Office Movies At Silverbird Galleria 


There is no better place to sit back and watch the latest box office movies in Lagos than the Silverbird Galleria. You can see a movie for N1000 if you are a student while others pay N1500.


5. Blend With Culture And Tradition At The National Arts Theatre

National Arts Theatre

Situated in Iganmu is the beautiful edifice of the National Arts theatre, a home to Nigerian entertainment and culture preservation. The serene environment is spacious and it is a perfect place to be during the weekends and vacation for entertainment and relaxation.


6. Ride Horses At Oniru Private Beach


The Atlantic Ocean overlooks this ideal destination for fun seeking people with little money. There are horses to ride, spaces for a romantic getaway and a free Atlantic Ocean to swim around for the daring people. You can ride a horse for small amount of money, between N500 to N1000.


7. Visit The National Museum 

Nigerian National Museum, Lagos

You may not know a lot about Nigeria until you visit the National Museum that is located around the Muson centre in Onikan. This is a destination of historical and cultural significance in the country. You can take mind-blowing selfies here if you are the picture taking person.


8. Get A Feel Of The Kalakuta Republic Museum

Kalakuta Museum

Kalakuta Museum used to be the home of Fela Kuti. It was once his revolutionary headquarters that has become a museum. Walk inside this house and imagine everything that the legendary musician did while on earth, the place is breathtaking. The entrance fee is N1000.


9. Move Around And Explore Lagos In LagBus

Lag Bus

The LagBus and BRT routes – the easiest way to move around Lagos without suffering terrific traffic jams. Do not forget to move with a camera or camcorder. You will spend less to see beautiful scenery and learn more about the mega-city.


10. Feel The Vibe At The Jazzhole

Afro beat in Lagos: The Jazz Hole and The Shrine

If you love books, music and African artworks, the perfect haven is Jazzhole. This is one of the places where you can buy cheap antiques. You can spend less than N2000 to get some amazing books or African antiques.


11. Enjoy The Seaside Atmosphere At The Lekki Leisure Lake

lekki leisure lake

Lekki Leisure Lake, a lake-side resort overlooking the Atlantic ocean is one of the fun places to visit in Lagos, with numerous recreational activities such as jet skiing, quad biking, pedal boat riding etc. The lake offers a whole bunch of water activities that will delight everyone looking for fun-filled holidays or weekends. Entrance fee: Adult N1000 and children N500.


12. Get Closer To Biodiversity At Lekki Conservation Center


This is the best place to see natural savannah habitats and swamp that have wildlife activities. The boulevard of coconut trees is a romantic place to stroll and there are lots of places for picnic, kids playground and open grasslands for animals like bushbucks, mongooses, hogs and lots more. Entrance Fee: Adults – N1000 and Children – N300


13. Relax And Refresh In Cool Water At Airport Hotel’s swimming pool

Swimming at Airport Hotel

Visit the Airport Hotel, located at Awolowo way in Ikeja. The hotel features a swimming pool where you can visit after a busy day to relax and refresh in the cool environment. The pool offers chairs and tables for relaxation and entertainment. The cost of swimming at the pool is N1500.

14. Enjoy Delicious Suya At University Of Suya


Lagosians love their delicious Suya with pepperish spices. Univeristy of Suya, located in Allen Avenue, Ikeja offers succulent, tender and juicy barbecued meat, known as Suya. You can enjoy the best Suya meat in Lagos for less than N2000.


15. Order A Medium-Sized Pizza


Order a medium-sized pizza and have it delivered to your house. Invite your friends for a night out at your place, grab beers and have fun. Medium-sized pizza costs N1800.


Apparently, there are lots of fun things to do in Lagos for less. What can you do in Lagos on a small budget? Share your ideas with us in the comment box below.

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