Women love gifts. That’s a fact, especially romantic gifts.  Yeah, we know you’re still recovering from the windfall of expenses you incurred during Christmas, well, that’s not an excuse, and you know it. Truth is most ladies do not want their partners to break the bank before they say “yes”. Perhaps your lady only wants to know how consistent you are in giving. So don’t be discouraged if she delayed giving you an affirmative answer to your proposal. As long as there’s life, there’s hope; and this valentine is yet another chance to prove how sensitive you are to her needs. Maybe that’s all she’s looking out for in you, and she’s quietly hoping you’ll get it right this time.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be too expensive or luxurious, it’s all about your expressed intention towards finding out what truly melts her heart. To make your job easier this season, we’ve trolled the market to select some of the most heart-warming romantic gifts that, we bet, will do just that! If she doesn’t say “Yes” this time, then you probably need to give us a call!


1. Love Hearts Scented Candles

Love hearts scented candles


2. Gold Heart Earrings



3. Audio Mini Clutch

Audio Mini Clutch


4. Beautiful Heart-patterned Scarf

Beautiful heart-patterned scarf


5. Engraved Suede Discs Bracelet



6. Lovely Pair of Black Stilettos 

Lovely Black shoes


7. Immaculate Perfume

Immaculate Perfume


8. Luxury Personalized Champagne


9. Personalized Bath Towel



10. Personalized Mug



11. Valentine Message Cards

Valentine's Day cards


12. Personalized Honey Bonnie Bear



13. Black Bag For All Occasion

Bag for all occasions


14. Easy Bake Oven

Easy Bake Oven

15. A Romantic Getaway 



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